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One of the coolest looking things in the new Windows Phone 7 "Mango" release (see all the coverage you can handle at WPCentral) is Microsoft's Bing Vision.  It's essentially a Google Goggles clone (great artists copy/borrow/steal and all that), but the UI is really cool.  Your search categories are visible while the camera is running, looking fancy and nice as a semi-transparent overlay while you're capturing the content you want to scan.  Of course, WP7's Metro UI and its typographic look is in full force here as well.

As for functionality, Bing Vision doesn't look like it does anything out of the ordinary.  No solving Sudoku puzzles, no translation built in, and the jury is still out about how it handles business cards.  But that's not what people will think when they see it.  I'm one of those "function trumps form" kind of guys, but the mobile market is growing like wildfire, and maybe it's time for Google to step up and revamp the UI and visual style of some of their apps so they look as good as they perform. 

I use Google Goggles a lot, mostly because I'm a geek who loves to play with cutting edge tech, and I've went "all-in" with Googles apps and services.  It works great, but visual appeal is lacking compared to the competition.  See for yourself -- there's a video after the break.

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Microsoft's Bing Vision UI -- Google Goggles needs to step up its game


I winder if Google will step up and sue MS for copying their idea? Since Google gets sued by everyone else might as well start suing others.

I, for one, hope they don't sink to Microsoft & Apple's level. They all need to stop clogging our legal system with useless lawsuits.

I've found GG almost flawless in reading business cards direct to my Google Contacts.

Other than that, I don't find much use out of it. Identify this scene, building, book, when I have it right there in front of me seems pointless, and bar code scanner is more accurate if there is one of those on the item.

Let us know when there is a market version of this available. Till then its pointless.

I completely agree about the look of the Metro UI. I've been using Fede's Music App for two days now and while it's still in beta, it's my go to music app already because of how much nicer it is than the stock player and Double Twist. Once the app store and dev community grows it's gonna be hard to hate WP7.

"maybe it's time for Google to step up and revamp the UI and visual style of some of their apps"

More accurately, they need to revamp the UI for ALL their apps. Google has never been famous for attractive UI's in any app that I can think of.

True, not totally pointless, but none of us are going to dump Android and go get a new phone just to get this app. Until its on Android, it might as well be on Mars.

Can't agree. My next next phone can be wp8. It is good to know what MS is cooking. I didn't swear oath to google, it is just best system on market these days.

But they might do it for the overall user experience
& I gotta admit Im more than tempted to dump Android for Windows Phone 7 , but Imma wait & see before I make the switch

Whatever happened to the project where Google Goggles was going to identify what kind of plant something was from the leaf?

The first time I saw the WinPho UI I understood it and found it refreshing but many people weren't convinced. The Android platform is coming of age now but the UI is maybe a little to safe and grey which is why Manufacturers try to change the UI at the expense of OS speed.

I can guarantee that Microsoft didn't design that UI in house and Google now have the staff to create something good but when in doubt pay for a skilled person to do what the do best and create a well thought out UI for Android to be crowned king of the smart phone OS's Because features alone wont win people over, ease of use will though.