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Because ... well, it must really see Google Apps as a threat to its Office business.

Google's stock was up 1.11 percent at mid-day at 611.36. Microsoft was up 0.16 percent at 31.30.



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Microsoft takes a big swipe at Google Apps


Wow! This video makes Microsoft look so pathetic. "Wake up, Microsoft! You've got competition. Now innovate to compete!"

Microsoft is about to sound as bitter as that pathetic guy from RIM...

Yep that is accurate. It doesn't mean google is worth that much more than microsoft though. It just means that each stock share of microsoft is worth significantly less, but presumably microsoft has significantly more individual stock shares than google.

My wife and I are a small company. it's 2008 and I need to update operating systems on 4 computers and a server, including Office. Seemed like a good time to try Ubuntu and OpenOffice(LibreOffice).

Worked great, I don't have the same security issues we had, I don't have to worry about the licenses and I didn't need to purchase new hardware. Savings upon savings.

M$ cost our small business too much and now just appears is petty and pithy.

Free at last!

Microsoft launching another slander campaign? Shocker.

This comes after:

- Twitter promo where "sick of your virus ridden android phone, have a free windows phone"

- Slander campaign on gmail

- Google is bypassing crap in IE with cookies that 11000 other websites use

- IP strongarming

I will never give you another dime microsoft. Has anyone noticed that google has not resorted to the same low slander? They exhibit a little class and do the talking with their product. I guess this is the best MS can think of after having a 2011 where google apps ate their lunch.

And to correct the video.

Google apps does have:
- pivot tables
- offline editing
- an accurate calendar
- It is not a new product for "lab rats". It has become quite mature
- Active spellcheck
- and...ummm...automatic background updates to software is actually a good thing. Unlike the arduous process MS uses. Our IT admin just had this huge production to update the computers in our network. It was a pain in the ass.
- I think it is safe to say that google is going to be around for a while so I don't know where this completely gone business is

I've been using a combination of Google Apps and Ubuntu w/ LibreOffice for over a year. I'm still uncomfortable keeping some things in "the cloud", and converting some of my Excel macros to work in OpenOffice, then LibreOffice, was a pain, but now work flow is smoother than it ever was with Windows and Microsoft Office.

And I'm even doing this on a Dell machine for which I have a licensed copy of Windows.

Micro soft keeps going this brought mite as well be apple I do love the windows is but I'm seriously considering a Linux its free and possibly way better:)_

That guy reminds me of Don Draper from Mad Men. But, he's no Don Draper! ;P

As to the ad, they have a serious point about Google apps needing an Internet connection. That's the Achilles’ Heal though of anything "in the cloud". But, another serious one for those of us in Healthcare: HIPPA!

I wonder though, how do you send email on an Exchange server without the internet? I have no problem viewing my gmail offline in Chrome. In fact, the last time I used an exchange server, I got about 100 popups whenever it was offline.

LoL - this makes Microsoft look soooo old and stiff.. They have 0 clue when it comes to marketing.. MS still arrogant and wasting money :P