Microsoft has released a new Android app in the Google Play Store from its research team called Climatology, which is designed to give users a better idea of the world's sun and rain patterns, along with temperature and more.

The app's description says:

Climatology gives you climate information for anywhere on Earth: temperature, rain and sunniness. Whether finding where are the warm, dry places to go on holiday in December, or avoiding rain for your wedding, to finding out what the climate is like in Kazakhstan in April, Climatology allows you to discover the information you want.

Although the climate data that is collected by Microsoft Research has normally been used mostly by scientists, this new app allows that information to be shown to a wider audience. It's also a little odd that Microsoft would debut the app for Android instead of Windows Phone. What do you think of this new weather-based app?


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Microsoft Research launches Climatology app for Android


Well, consider how much information they are trying to gather? Obviously, with the footprint that Android has, they are going to get more information out of Android users than WP right now. So yeah, if you want to gather data this is the platform to gather it on. WP 8.1 is growing, but Android is already here. As much as I love my 1520, I'll definitely load this on my Galaxy Tab Pro.

It's laggy and it doesn't have a search option to type a city name and jump directly to it.

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Since Ballmer stepped down, MS ihave put a lot more focus on improving their iOS/Android apps though. It is defintely a change in overall strategy.

Celsius.....I might as well be reading Greek. I hate that we don't use the metric system here in the US because with no familiarity with I have no point of reference.

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Tree huggers. Its all rubbish. Just an excuse to green tax the shit out of you. I know this as -20 in the winter suggests its bloody cold.

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Not to burst your hate bubble, but climate change happens over many years, and is not just in your backyard.

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No no, you see, it's snowing somewhere in the world right now, which totally negates all climate change research. You can trust me, I read it on World Net Daily.

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It still amazes me how Microsoft, a competitor to Google and Android, can make better looking apps than companies that are "partners" with Google, or are at least platform agnostic. Baffling.

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Although they don't get a lot of credit for it, MS actually has decades more of experience in UI design than Google and many Android ecosystem partners.

I mean, sure, MS got it's UX design start by straight up ripping off Xerox's PARC (along with Apple), but they still sank a ton of money into UI research and user studies over the years.

I'm sure someone's gonna have a witty remark about Win 8 on desktop or Office's ribbon, but both those changes are pretty forward looking.

I'm just surprised that they didn't go full "WP8" design on all their apps, in some misguided attempt to get people to switch. They have elements of Metro, but are also Holo, which i think is what Google wanted devs to do; use Holo as a base and build your brand on top of it. Surprising that a competitor was one of the few developers to figure that out.

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Well I figur it would be redundant for them to have both their Weather app and this climatology app on WP. They'll probably incorporate their data and any new functionality this app brings into their native weather app so users don't need multiple apps and clutter on the phone!

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