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This is Simon Sage. Perhaps you've heard of him. He's kind of a big deal. He's also the new Android Central Apps Editor. That means he'll be bringing you the latest and greatest apps, updates to old favorites, and everything in between. It also means that if you're a developer, he's your go-to guy for getting the word out to our hundreds of thousands of readers a day, our 140,000-plus Twitter followers, our more than 50,000 Google+ circlers, our more than 440,000 Google Currents subscribers ... You get the idea.

So if you've got app news, or questions about the latest games or keyboards or whatever, drop Simon an e-mail. He's also on Google+ and on Twitter.

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heyy' I know you from your last site, WElcome!! - D

Simon Sage says:

Howdy, folks! I play a ton of video games, so expect plenty reviews along that vein. Just a bit of background... I've written a lot about BlackBerry, and for the last four months or so, I've been writing on iMore. Before Mobile Nations, I had done plenty of Android device reviews elsewhere on the web, so I'm certainly no stranger to the platform. I've been blogging full-time for about 5 years at this point. Oh, and I'm really tall. 

Like Phil said, drop me a line if you've got any suggestions.

starvingmind says:

Welcome Simon!

I'm surprised to post the first shameless request here. :-)

How about grabbing a Galaxy Nexus with ICS and giving Shot Control a look?

Currently ranked #17 for top paid apps in the Photography category.

ayman07 says:

Welcome Simon,

I'm curious, what Android devices do you own? Do you own an Android tablet or phones running 3.0+? Our development team focuses on apps for tablets (or phones with ICS) and it would be great to know if you're able to review these types of apps.

Good luck!

Simon Sage says:

I've had to ship back the Android devices that I've reviewed, but I've got a personal Galaxy Nexus (running stock 4.0.3), and will be getting a Nexus 7 sooner than later. 

johncblandii says:

I thought that was you. Welcome to the green side! ;-) Looking forward to more app reviews.

Rene is the next one to make the jump. He can't deny it for too much longer.

Camfella says:

Don't forget to save a position for Kevin Michaluk, you know, just in case.

Too Funny! Phil will find something for him to do :)

You do realize that Kevin is Phil's BOSS ... Right? Lol

Camfella says:

For now.

icu says:

I've encircled you ...

I play games a fair amount on my phone, but I usually stick with a small collection of games I know and play them over and over. I'd be interested to see more game reviews/opinions on what is available.

venom845pd says:

Welcome to the #teamandroid family!!!!!


Welcome Simon!! It's always nice to have someone familiar with other platforms come and offer their perspective!!

Rob White says:

Welcome Simon! I always enjoy reading your articles on iMore. I especially liked how you always turn the conversation over to the reader. I'll be keeping an eye out for those reviews. Especially now that my son & oldest daughter are doing the smartphone gaming thing.

I think you'll also find we're a friendly bunch around here. The readers did give you a hard time over at iMore all too frequently. We'll keep it civil here. Congrats to you sir.

Simon Sage says:

I'm already blown away by the warm reception, to be honest. I usually don't bother with these kinds of intro posts because I assume readers care more about what I have to post than who I am or where I come from, but it's nice to be wrong in this case. :)

Hand_O_Death says:

Hey Simon, welcome. I look forward to your articles here.

DC TGN says:

There was a lot to write about blackberry? Lol, welcome. Looking forward to reading your reviews.

Hi Simon, I remember you back from Blackberry Cool! back in blackberry's glory days.
Welcome aboard!

Simon Sage says:

Haha, wow, sometimes I forget people actually read my stuff there. 

Your articles, tips and apps help me to max out my Curve 8310! That's right, the 8310, 3G AND GPS, in the same device! it was unprecedented. LOL!

k4good says:

Ever consider having an "app of the week" theme along the lines of "the book of the month?" Would be nice to see discussions of the opinions of the people that use the app and "golden nuggets" found within the app. Just a thought. Maybe have the app announced on the blog and a dedicated forum for the discussions.

Simon Sage says:

Actually, we're supposed ​to link to forum discussions about app reviews precisely for those kinds of discussions. Thanks for the reminder, I'll be sure to start doing that next week.

zeroefx says:

Uh... What happened to Josh Munoz?
*tranqualizer dart flies in neck*

Simon Sage says:

*drags body away, whistling innocently*

Simon Sage says:

Honestly, I don't know all the details. You can always ask him on Twitter

zulu308 says:

don't like imore/iphone anymore or got tired of rene's scrubby face?

Droid Brick says:

What an inviting introduction, Simon. I look forward to reading your articles and I may even make some requests along the way. Welcome, and I hope you enjoy the AC community!

IceDree says:

Welcome to Android Central Simon! I always enjoy reading your articles on iMore (I do check it on regular basis alongside WPCentral) ! looking forward to your next article

Impulses says:

This intro's kinda late isn't it? Could've swore I've already seen half a dozen articles by Simon, that Ready Steady Bang review was great, would've never given such a simple looking game a second thought.

dabaum says:

Welcome, I look forward to your input.

toddjy says:

I just want to know if you'll be considering apps' permissions before you recommend them. Too many times I've read about a great app here, then I go to install it, only to find it asks for nearly all possible permissions, most of which it shouldn't need. Identifying incoming phone calls, sending SMS messages, etc.

ulnek says:

so we're going to have some "sage" advice on future app choices. cool.

XavierMatt says:

YAYYY Welcome! :-)

robotaholic says:

We don't need you, we have Alex Dobie! He writes a mean review. lol jk you're welcome too hehe