Marriott Android app

For all you frequent travelers out there, Marriott reminds us that it's got a nice little Android app available. You can find and reserve a hotel room, view or cancel your existing reservations, check your rewards account, get city guides, find phone numbers to (gasp) call for reservations -- basically maneuver your way through the Marriott community right from your phone. It's free and available now in the Android Market. Download links are after the break.


Reader comments

Marriott's Android app does all but turn down the covers


Ah, come on, Marriott, who needs a single-company specific app for this?

Their web site does all of this and no one would need something so specific which really doesn't offer anything new. One for Marriott, then another for Hampton Inn, Hilton, Holiday inn, etc etc etc.

Please make it stop. This is why we have web browser on our phones., priceline, travelocity, tripadvisor, Kayak... ANY of these would be a better choice than a single destination app for a second rate hotel chain.

Marriott made this app, so it makes sense that it only works with Marriott properties. They are in business to make money, but give you easier access to

WTF? I can't even imagine how this was more cost-effective for them than just making a Webkit-optimized mobile site. Glad I don't stay at any Marriott properties regularly to subsidize their poor business decisions.