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Amazon today is offering up some nine free Android apps. As in gratis. Pay nothing, spend nothing. Free. Android. Apps. A couple are for Kindle tablets, but the other seven should work on smartphones as well. All you need is the Amazon Appstore app, and you're on your way.

Here's the list:

If you need to install the Amazon Appstore, you can snag it here for sideloading.

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13Elves says:

All awful.

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Ski Safari is not awful.

Also don't complain about free things.

I LOVE Ski Safari. So fun.

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Me too. Great game for a quick run or two. Always installed on my devices.

13Elves says:

So malware and viruses get a pass cuz theyre free?

Unsmartperson, I'll complain about w/e I wish and ski safari just plain sucks.

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8er says:

Especially awful because they are not apps, they are games. Just because you get something at the grocery store does not make it groceries, IE edibles.

Apps implies productivity.

Apologies for being snarky.

itr themes says:

Am I the only one who gets frustrated when games are referred to as apps? It bugs me to no end that the apps section in the play store is full of games.

Steve Hall says:

Nope, you're not the only one. I don't play games on my phone (I have a Nexus 7 and a laptop for that); I was really hoping to find some good applications in this article. So yeah: I'm complaining about free stuff.

But... a game is technically and App or specifically an Application. That is how it runs.

rudyy50 says:

True, but I wish games were not referred to as apps, in the same sense that sports are not news.

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A895 says:

But sports news is news.

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I enjoy watching sports news on my cellular telephone. I downloaded it from the app store in the news section next to the game apps.

15israellai says:

Nice comparison. Technically it's against logic, but I agree with you.

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Voxophone says:


Skiffle says:


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Enjoy your pirated malware......

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Skiffle says:

I do

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droidify says:

Everyone loves a thief.

SJPadbury says:

Horseworld and Tappy are both showing as having a cost when I look at them on amazon's web page.

Podolsky says:

Two last apps are not free, at least no from Amazon us

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Podolsky says:

Just checked on my Kindle and from Amazon store are not free neither

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draken says:

Where's Tappy is free in the Google Play store.

swat8 says:

Wheel of Fortune also came with a 1 dollar credit for mp3 purchase.

"As a purchaser of a select app from the Amazon Appstore for Android you have earned a $1 credit valid towards Amazon MP3 albums or single songs..."

Isn't this usually a horrible deal for the developers that make them?

Couldn't get ski safari on my note 3 :(

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In other news most of em are already free on the Play Store

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MetalMike901 says:

Bah or meh, take your pick.

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PlaidRadish says:

I think this must be a bad link - I clicked on all the links, but they all just brought up games ... No apps to be found, anywhere ("apps" does not equal "games" in the real world) :-\

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zackmack7 says:

Ugh I wanted Wreck it Ralph

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stlrfan78 says:

I got a few free ones from amazon app store no problems

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Sunofabob says:

A way for them to get me to download the app store.

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