"Test" Market

The folks over at Tech from 10 have ran into an interesting scenario -- it seems that somehow they have received a test or pre-release version of the Android Market.  It just appeared, and they even tried to remove it.  Since that wasn't happening, they decided to take a look at it and found some major changes.  They found a few differences in the interface, but the two things that stand out are some apps marked as test or beta, and a new section for content rating.  The content ratings are something we first heard about way back in Nov. '10, so they've been a long time coming, but certainly will be a welcome addition.

Among the test and assorted oddities in this market is a version of the Music app marked version 3.0 (.zip install files).  It looks and acts like the Honeycomb Music app on the Xoom (or the last leaked version), just shrunk for the smaller screen and built with settings for the Google Music cloud.  Other cool finds were test apps from Sony, and a few apps from Google --  Gallery 3D, Camera v12,  and Desk Clock 10.  None of these would launch after installed though. 

We're not exactly sure if this is all a preview of whats to come, or just a test bed, but it's an interesting look at what goes on behind the scenes in Google's proprietary apps.  Hit the source link for more, as well as a slew of pictures.  [Tech from 10] Thanks, Tim!


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A look at Android's 'Test Market' -- complete with a new Music app


SHWWWEEET! hopefully it will include over the air purchases and it will automatically download to your PC or visa versa. Like how you can purchase apps on your PC and it will instantly download. It would be sweet if they can do that with music and videos! LOVE YOU GOOGLE. keep your great work up! :D

Loving it! I use the leaked music player from a little while back and I've noticed a few changes in this new version as well. I can't wait to play with it. COME ON GOOGLE. Release it officially already so I have something to play with until Ice cream is released on my NS.

I just noticed tonight/this morning that when I updated a few apps it said somethings about apps2sd at first I thought it was just a notification the developer put it but now im not sure because the 3 apps I updated asked me the same thing if I would like to view the package and move it to sd dont shoot me if its been there awhile I just happened to notice it tonight