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We have known about the Logitech Revue (check out our unplugged hands-on) and its Google TV-touting ways for some time now, but Google had only given us the vague "this fall" as a release date. Well, Engadget has it on good authority that the box will be hitting retail later this month, Sept. 29 to be exact, for the hefty sum of $300. Dish Network might be offering subscribers a much better deal: one box per house for $179. Engadget has a bunch of pictures from their tipster up, so make sure you hit up the link. [Engadget


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Logitech's Google TV box is coming Sept. 29 with $299 price tag


would rather spend three hundred on this than five hundred on a tablet. Unless the tablet was hugely different than my droid x

wow pretty useless if you ask me i see know reason to own this and at 300 bucks ill save it for a android tablet. this is coming from someone who watches at least 8hr of tv a day

This is what's confusing... they make no attempt at giving it a "killer" feature other than perhaps having Google on your tv. Does it run Android apps? are there many android apps designed for a 16:9 HD layout? Will it be more than yet another Youtube and twitter portal?

My bet is, this is WebTV 2.0 (ask your parents if you've never heard of WebTV).

Cmon folks. We know Google does release early release often. Better to have it out there gaining publicity than to wait on the killer features and start from zero then. But on price I can see the point. For 300 I could build a box, put MythTV on it and build something very similar but more flexible.

Exactly. Google wants to get their devices out there and allow viral marketing to kick in. While there are no apps CURRENTLY available for Google TV, there will be. The feature potential and capability of this is huge. While the 300 is a bit high, I will wait until the release is officially announced and I fully understand what it comes with before making my judgement. In all likelyhood I will purchase one, but that remains to be seen.

My understanding is that it's "WebTV" + "Tivo" + a few new features. If so, the price tag doesn't sound quite to outlandish (ie: Tivo costs $99 - $399, and WebTV use to cose like $150.)

The box brings the complete internet to your TV, flash and all. Just with a google minded interface built on search.

That PRICE THOUGH???? Boxee Box is $199 . . .THAT is the competition...and right now... I'm leaning towards Boxee

At this price they can close up shop. I bought a new Dell Mini Netbook for $200 (dell coupon). It's small...portable... and does everything i need it to (even wifi tether to my DInc).

I'm sorry google... but to have internet on my TV (with no killer feature as above stated)... why would I pay $300 ???????!?!

You might wait till its actually available and ALL the features are documented before deciding if 300 is worth it.

If It included subscriptions to some paid movie downloads (or something), the price starts looking better.


Re: Roku. I purchased RokuHD box about 1 year ago. Bought direct thru Roku, (at time a 'special' @ $79. and free shipping). Changed my viewing PC to TV. Have been a Netflix member for 8 years. Monthly charge of $8+.

Other then a couple of small 'glitches' thru Roku, (as they tweeked and improved system) it has been a delight and some outstanding entertaiment for the overall cost. They,(like Netflix) have contantly moved forward. The Netflix library for 'streaming' is huge and growing.

I have only been using a PC for about 10 years, but love the forward move of technology. I decided this past year to cancel my satelitte service, (and save $1,500+ a year, (for channels I had no desire to watch). I have a 3 year old Vizio 42 LCD-HD with 2 HDMI connects, + VGA. I am running ethernet from PC to TV and Roku. My HD quality is actually better than my Directv was. I am using a inexpensive outdoor HD antenna for OAB channels, (again superior HD viewing).

I am now looking toward the direction of a: 'Revue' or 'Boxee' set. I must agree with most everyone, that I believe Logitech is "shooting down their 'Revue' for anything over $150.". I have been using/judging web Boxee for 6 months. Another one similiar to Boxee on web: KYLO.

Since majority of all Broadcast and Cable companies now are streaming most of their current programming from 'day after' to a 'week after' showing is no big deal. When I was DVRing,(to watch at my schedule) it is the same principle, or using HULU is great.

Time and tech finally has 'merged' and TV viewing will be better than ever....just have to figure which 'systems' is best for "your" needs.

I want to know if the Revue will play avi, mkv, etc from a networked or USB harddrive? If not, then NO sale.

Looks like a huge Palm Pre. I hope the price drops fast on this. I'm not willing to pay $ 300 for this.

Why does Logitech always overprice all of their tech? I prediect another googletv box coming out from another manufacturer that will be on the competitive level of the apple tv/roku's but still have all the bells and whistles of the logitech one. But at this price, im perfectly content with hdmi'ing my laptop to my tv until the price comes down significantly.

At $300 No way Don't get it. For $199. Get the Archos 43 with the Micro HDMI to your HDTV and have Vonage for your cell phone calls. No two year contract on Data and Phone..

Update to my last entry a couple weeks ago.

I sometimes do not check my ROKU 'channel store', (every couple weeks or so). Did so last night...as mentioned before, ROKU is doing a tremendous job of advancing their library platform. A large amount of 'stores/channels' just added. Now, also the announcement of adding HULU Plus this fall.

Thanks and respect to ROKU for swiftly moving forward in commitment to aquire new 'channels', so many other companies just have stalled or not kept up with the wants of their membership. Also to note: ROKU has remained the 'best' in pricing their 'set-top'. A very affordable entertaiment venue.

Now, back a bit to the 'adding new channels'. They have maintained, (for me) a good mix. Depending on a persons perference, they have a great 'age range' of various entertainment windows. Too many companies have got stuck in just offering to a selection of 'age groups', not ROKU...they offer from 'young kids to old geezer' programming. Thanks again.