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We took the Log Me In Ignition VNC app for a spin a couple of months ago, and now it's available in the Android Market. For those of you not familiar with VNC, it's a standard way of controlling one computer from another -- in this case, your Android phone. Check out the video again after the break, where you'll also find download links. [Log Me In]

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Log Me In Ignition Android VNC app now available for $30


I've been using the beta for a while. It works over 3G too. Not a bad app, though may not be worth $30 to everyone.

may not be worth $30 to ANYone. (fixed it for you).

All the competitors in the market are under 6 bucks or FREE.
This thing would have to make me breakfast in bed every saturday to get that price.

Could you experiment with watching a video on yours desktop through the phone and record it for us to see how well that transmits?

Looks nice but I dont think its for me. Especially since its 30 bucks. I don't mind spending money on apps but this seams a little over priced. I think at a lower price point they might get more takers.

Feature wise it seems better then the free ones, not sure about 30$ (thats like, six sandwiches!) better but better none the less.

What I cant figure out however is if its a straight VNC client, or if its to be used with their service of running VNC over the internet through their "secure" servers. In other words, can I simply connect to a VNC server on my LAN or do I need to login to their web site and use their software.

I believe it is strictly for their service. There are other VNC clients in the market, although probably not as feature-rich.

I too think this price is too steep. I was looking for this app a week ago since I use logmein to troubleshoot my friend's/family's computers (it's so much easier than over-the-phone tech support), but I won't spend $30 on it just to use their FREE service on a smaller screen.

I don't like the term VNC being used when its using a proprietary version of it. VNC generally means you can use it to connect to almost any other computer with VNC Server installed. This sounds like it has to use THEIR server.

Cool but not worth $30.00 to me.

I used the product all through beta and it was great. However, without getting it expensed, I can't see paying $30 for this app. $20 maybe, $10 definitely.

I tried to download it from the Market, but couldn't find it. I emailed LMI and they said you couldn't download it if your phone had been rooted (mine has), and the app was copywrited. Does this make sense? Most of IT support folks that could really use the app, are the types that also have already tinkered with their phones and rooted them. I've never had problems downloading and paying for any other app. I also told them that the app should be around 10 bucks if they really want to sell any large numbers of them. I've been using Remote VNC Pro (under $10), and it works extremely well, but I do have a list of folks I support that I have setup with Logmein that I would really like access to. I have, however, had great luck just using Remote VNC Pro to access my work desktop, and then using the free Logmein app to access their LMI desktops with good results.

People who are likely to root their phone are the types that would want a real VNC client and connect to their home computer over a VPN connection. This product is for the non-geek to remote control their desktop via a third party server.

This may sound like a dumb question but I just have to throw it out there...

I work on a ship and my laptop isn't always connected to the internet. for this app to work on my phone does the laptop have to be connected online at all times?

I would buy this app TODAY if I could somehow access my files/laptop while it was off, though the more I think about it the more I think I am asking too much...

please advise,


Not sure about the Android App, but LogMeIn is more of a VPN client which is better (You can tunnel any protocol through it). Considering also that you won't have to bother with setting up Dynamic DNS, port forwards, or anything like that its probably well worth the 30 bucks.

Yeah, LogMeIn Ignition is good. It used to be my favourite, but now I prefer using RHUB remote support servers for better security and it gives me everything in one setup.