Samsung Unpacked

Enough teasers. It's finally time to do this. We're at Earl's Court, London, for the Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012 event. You might recall previous Unpacked events in which we saw the original Galaxy S, the Galaxy S II, the Galaxy Note, and now ...?

Look, we're all expecting to see the Samsung Galaxy S III. Or the Samsung Galaxy S3. Or Something with the name Galaxy. Or at the very least, something with the name Samsung in it.

Here's the best part: You get to be here with us for the entire unveiling. Need some deets?

  • What: Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012
  • Where: London
  • When: 1900 BST, 1400 EDT, 1100 PDT
  • Official stream: Samsung's beaming this one worldwide, which is darn nice of them. 
  • Online chat: Doing a liveblog of something that's being broadcast live is sort of silly. So here's the plan. Join myself and Alex Dobie for a live chat from the event. (It's embedded after the break in this post.) We're not going to just tell you what's going on. You can see that for yourself in the stream. We're going to keep you up to date on everything you can't see in the stream. It's the least we can do.
  • And much more: Presumably we're going to get some face time with whatever's announced, so check back early and often.

We'll see you back here this evening -- or this afternoon, or whatever time it is wherever you are -- for some hot smartphone action! In the meantime, be sure to hit up all the awesome Samsung Galaxy S III discussions in the forums!


Reader comments

Live in London: Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012!


Same, unless they are abandoning the high end market they need something to compete with the iPad. The Galaxy Tab 2 line is a joke.

Im hoping for a new Galaxy note. I haven't jumped on the first one because of the rumors of the new SG3 coming around the corner and i have a LG Nitro HD.

As much as a new Note would be probably the best news for the same reason, I don't think we will be seeing an upgraded version for a long time

I would rather not have an out of date phone land on Verizon months and months after it was released, that's just me though. Maybe look into the HTC Note competitor rumors?

I would be all over that, though it would probably have an S4 and I would have a hard time buying a Note 2 with the rumored Quadcore Krait competitor from HTC coming in the fall. Plus the offering from HTC would probably have a better screen. I really hope they have improved the S3 screen over the GNex screen.

Thats 1400 EDT and 1100 PDT for those of you observant enough to notice that the clocks change in the US twice a year.

Incorrect. Try again :) Phil's time listing is correct but no one is using EST or PST right now.

It is 1500EDT an 1200PDT.

Sorry, but EDT is currently 5 hours behind BST, and PDT is 8 hours behind BST. Phil's times were right, his timezones were wrong. Your timezones are right but your times are wrong. I am the only one right in this whole thread. Oops, humble brag.

Not-so-humble brag, sir! :)

I'm right too, just less critical of anyone. will convert BST for anyone.

Edit: Looks like the original timezones were corrected. Now we're all just pedants :)

According to UNPACKED app from Samsung, the event time is 1900GMT. So 1500EDT is correct. And according to the UNPACKED app, there 5h07 minutes to go.

You can stream from the UNPACKED app as well. It didn't give me much confidence on the new Samsung phones if Samsung can't even get its own app for the correct time.

Yeah there is no shortage of confusion in this post isn't there. The Time article also refers to it as GMT (except they cite 1845 GMT). Either way the article here is wrong, it should read either 1800 BST or 1745 BST unless the "good part" doesn't start until 1900BST/2000GMT.

Actually Phil is correct you sir aren't 1400 is 2pm estearnt daylight time which is the correct time for the event being streamed live

The name will not only have Samsung but also Galaxy in it, at least this is what Samsung has already confirmed that it will be next Galaxy they will be revealing tonight. Very much excited.

Please ask if one has to re-mortgage their house to be able to afford this mysterious phone...must be worth it with all this brouhaha..

"Doing a liveblog of something that's being broadcast live is sort of silly." Not for those of us in offices where we can not (or should not) watch a video feed. If you won't do a live blog, can you recommend another site that will?

It is kind of funny. If this was an Apple event you would have every site on the internet live blogging while streaming the event.

No actually Apple doesnt stream (or allow streams) from their events so every attendee liveblogs the shit out of it so they can be the first to break news on Tim Cooks new haircut, or what new features will be in OS X.X Sea Lion.

take note of the slogan: "the next "big" thing is coming"...

the SIII will merely be a Note with quad core processor ;)

Enough with these 5in+ smartphones!!! If I wanted a tablet I would already have one!!! Don't want a Note!!!

Has anybody else noticed that today's date, 5/3 looks a lot like S3? I'm doubting that's a coincidence.

Of course in Europe (or at least England) the norm is to put the month first so typically the date would be 3/5/2012 or more likely "3 May, 2012"

It still might not be a coincidence, maybe.

Actually, I think Samsung has something rolled up under their sleeves. Something...more. Well, one of the highlights of the S3 was supposed to be the processor. But Meizu beat Samsung to announcing the first quad-core Exynos smartphone. That's actually a pretty big deal.

So I think Samsung might have a tablet as well. The 11.6'' model perhaps? Packing a dual-core 2.0Ghz A15 chip that will blow every known competitor including the iPad out of the water.

The way I look at it, Samsung has a lot to live up to after the incredible hype, and also the incredible success of the Galaxy SII. If they don't, there'd be many a unhappy customer/fan.

Expect the worse like a ..damp squid and you won't be disappointed...Exynox rhymes with equinox so let's hope it's the dawn of a new breakthrough in smartphone technology...

lol indeed.

On a related note, whenever I'm traveling in a foreign country I try to sample the local cuisine, for example next month in Ecuador I'm gonna try Cuy (pronounced "Kwee"). So as long as you are in England have some curry. ;) I liked Chicken Vindaloo.

Being that a lot of your readers (like me) will be at work during the stream and unable to actually watch it as a video, doing a traditional liveblog where you summarize the events in text format so we can catch up in jumps would still be appreciated.

I don't know about everyone else, but I'm ready to get this let down over and start building up the next major let down :)

ya, stream busted atm on Facebook. mobile app stream works but its jittery and freezes every now and then. atm its just looping the Teaser

the facebook page contains an iframe which has that buildjam URL in it, only they put in https:// not http:// which is odd.

going to on my android phone gave me a streaming link which is stuck at "loading".

WoW, sounds like a SIRI wannabe. When is the commercial showing Denzel asking for a reminder to take a cake out of the oven?

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