If you're tired of opening links from inside one app — say, Twitter of Facebook, to name two of the biggest offenders — and having to wait for it to actually open in its proper app, you need to give Link Bubble a shot. It handles the heavy lifting in the background while you keep on keeping on in the foreground. So instead of tapping a linking and praying it makes the leap from Twitter to Chrome to Instagram (or YouTube, or Google Play, or whatever), it just loads in Link Bubble and lets you know when it's ready.

It's devilishly clever, and well worth a look.

If you decide you like it, pony up the $4.99 for Link Bubble Pro, which loads up an infinite number of tabs, loads links from every app on your phone or tablet, and gets rid of the upgrade nags. (Plus, it helps out the developer —and we've long been fans of Chris Lacy, the same bloke who brought us Action Launcher and TweetLanes.)


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Link Bubble makes opening links in apps much less painful


Went ahead and bought it, Chris Lacy makes some of my favorite apps and it's the least I can do to support his efforts. It also seems really useful and streamlined, I love some of the animations included. Fantastic initial version that I know will get better and better with time.

Same, Action Launcher made using my phone so much better. So long as his apps fit my needs even remotely I'm willing to drop cash to keep the support and ideas coming. :P

Shows you that you don't need a big team with a huge budget to rethink basic things we interact with everyday.

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This is awesome! Happily paid $5 for the pro version. This guy's going to make some serious bank off of this app. Even just 10,000 downloads is $50,000 of revenue for a small development group. Cool!

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Will always support Chris Lacy, his apps just make using your phone that much better!

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I didn't have a problem paying for Action Launcher Pro, but I'm not made out of money - $5.00 seems a bit steep to me.

Great app but it needs a better look when a bubble is opened. the transparent nav keys and top part behind the bubble is distracting

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Google buy this and make it standard in the shell. Awesome. (1 billion should suffice)

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