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Health app UI hints at software design changes for the Galaxy S5

Samsung's next smartphone UI may be flatter, with a focus on lighter fonts and brighter colors, if leaked screenshots of the next version of its fitness app prove accurate. SamMobile, the outlet that released leaked shots of the "Life Times" app last week, has today released a couple dozen images of what it says is the next version of the S Health app.

Like the existing version, the new S Health seems to be able to track your calorie intake, step count and heart rate. And the screenshots show a section for connected accessories too, including scales, treadmills and exercise bikes. There's also a new screen for running, allowing you to view location and workout data alongside whatever music is currently playing. The "audio guide" option suggests some kind of automatic verbal feedback, too.

But perhaps more interesting are the visual changes in the app. The new S Health uses a white-on-green color palette with larger, lighter fonts, flatter icons and attention to Android's design guidelines. Specifically, today's shots show use of slide-out "hamburger" menu bars and overflow action menus at the top of the screen. All in all, it appears closer to Google's vision of Android than the TouchWiz of old.

The new look for S Health ties in with what we've already seen from a couple of previous leaks, so it's looking more and more likely that an overhaul of Samsung's UI is coming with the company's next flagship phone. We'd take any and all leaks with a pinch of salt, however, until we have the finished device in our hands.

Source: SamMobile


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Leaked S Health app showcases new, flatter Samsung UI


Plain and simple design 3.0 which will appear on ALL FUTURE flagship Galaxy products in 2014 as well as the New Nature UI looks definitely wonderful.

One thing is for sure LG, SONY, HTC, Huawei and the crappy dull stock android experience better all go back to the drawing board.

Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4 is definitely going to be earth shattering industry leading handsets that will easily bring over 200 million handsets sold in 2014.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

I wouldn't consider stock Android "crappy & dull". Especially with the new KitKat launcher. But I agree that Samsung's gonna be tough to beat this year.

This guy.

I'll have "crappy and dull" over "colorful and laggy" any day.

Aren't you the same Richard Yarrell who used to be the biggest HTC and Sprint fanboy? I'm almost positive that was you. You were on all of the Android sites singing the praises of HTC and Sprint. Or was that you from a parallel universe?

Posted via Android Central App

Yes, this is the same Richard Yarrell. The same Richard Yarrell who, while he was with HTC/Sprint, claimed how he'd never go over to "the devil" that was Verizon... then proceeded to get the Galaxy Nexus with them on release day.

I find it hilarious that you talk a big game about "crappy dull stock android", but haven't used one outside of a carrier store (if that) since you supposedly "kicked Verizon to the curb" along with the Galaxy Nexus. What a joke.

I'm hoping that Samsung will reduce the amount of "fluff" apps in the next release of their UI, and focus more on polishing useful apps such as the purported Health app. After all, how many people will use the eye motion "app" to read web pages?


I agree. I have not once gotten that stuff to work properly. "smart stay" and "smart scroll" seem a huge gimmick to me. The purpose of them is... to save me from using my thumb/finger?

I actually find Smart Stay to be pretty useful in many situations, though yes, Smart Scroll is surely a gimmick, if only because it doesn't really work most of the time and in most apps.

Good point, I didn't think about smart stay completely. If it works for you the screen not turning off in the middle of reading would be quite useful. I've used 3rd party apps like Keep screen on in the past to get it to do the same thing.

I simply set a 5 minute timeout for my screen. I always turn it off when I'm done using it, didn't see any downsides to putting a 5 minute idle timeout.

Smart Stay works just fine since the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2.

Smart stay is not a gimmick when it has worked for over 2yrs.

Smart scroll could be refined or eliminated otherwise Samsung is the ONLY manufacturer that will bring legitimate software solutions and feature enhancements/implementations.

Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung or the Galaxy products period.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

1 Smart Stay was first available in the S3, a phone that is not quite yet 2 years old. It is utterly bewildering that you then claim Smart Stay has "worked for over 2 years". Seriously, can you do basic math or read a calendar?
2. Just because it has worked for you, does not mean others can't think it's a gimmick. Or do we really need to go over the definition of an opinion again?
3. Yes, just because Samsung has done a shitload of advertising for their "features", obviously means they are the only entity capable of bringing many more "legitimate" software solutions (as opposed to illegitimate?). What a whackjob.

Very glad for TW on my Note 3. Much preferred over my GalNex, which I liked. But cleaning up the UI, modernizing colors, and building consistency would be a welcome change.

The ABOMINATION is that crappy BORING POOR MANS FEATURELESS stock android with poor battery life and crappy camera software.

Stock android sucks monkey balls period.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

Says the guy who, by his own claims, wouldn't touch a Nexus device "with a 10 foot pole" since he got rid of his Galaxy Nexus. What an informed and up-to-date opinion. -__-

Touchwiz sucks monkey balls period. Yet another, I'm assuming, auto-correct error you neglected to fix yourself.

Do you not realize that your precious touchwiz would not exist without stock android?

Also, you must be fun a Samsung company meetings.

Posted via my thumbs and Google Keyboard. N7 2013

I dont give a Rat a55 about this. I hope Google will destroy Samsung Knox and we will be able to root and uninstall all this bloatware.

Google couldn't destroy a box of tissues if they tried. They know not to bite the hand that feeds them.

Plain and simple Samsung is android period and has been since 2011 may.

No Samsung means NO ANDROID platform android would be BlackBerry if Samsung decided to kick android to the curb.

After all that's why GOOGLE signed that partnership with Samsung in the first place.

Even GOOGLE knows SAMSUNG is android. We said GOODBYE to MOTOROLA and we will be saying adiós to that crappy BORING Nexus line after the Nexus 6.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

1. If Samsung weren't around, Android as whole *might* have less market share. That's it. That's all. If Samsung suddenly ceased to exist tomorrow, Android would still be around. Want to know why? Because there are at least a dozen other manufacturers producing Android phones and tablets. Only in Richard's Wacky World could crap like this be even remotely true.
2. Way to say the exact same things as all your other posts, not to mention restating yourself a few times in just this one comment. Seriously, do you even know how to put together a logical, well-thought response?
3. I love how you take extremely vague and unsupported rumors (like how the Nexus line will end after the Nexus 6), and take it as if it's 100% true and straight from the horses mouth. But who am I kidding, you're the idiot who claimed to know all sorts of things weeks in advance and they turned out to be totally and completely wrong (release date of the Evo 3D based solely off of released date of Evo 4G, specs of the S4, release date of the Galaxy Nexus, etc).

Samsung would be nothing without android.

It goes both ways.

Posted via my thumbs and Google Keyboard. N7 2013

And touchwiz, which is the original ui with a ridiculous amount of bright colors that don't make sense.

Posted via Android Central App

That "back" button was available in samsung apps since the S4. Before iOS 7. Just figured I'd share that with you. Good day

Lighter fonts, lovely.
Whats with this trend to lighter fonts?
I love websites that have light fonts on a slightly darker background,very stylish.
Cant' read them, but very stylish.

Add that to a phone screen used outdoors and you may as well leave your phone in your pocket.

Google does this, Maps lightened all the fonts in the latest versions.
I guess it's OK, after all why would you be using Maps in a car moving at 70mph, in the daylight, with varying shadows, and your phone is 2'-3' away?

I believe the design principle they're using is "Form Over Function"
As long as it looks good, who cares if it works.

Sorry for the rant.

Some of them are square some are round, just as before. They might have changed which ones are. It used to be a mess. It still is. Samsung should concentrate on hw, and leave sw to Google.

Agree it looks just like ios 7 and w8 right..

Posted via Android Central App using galaxy s4

Right, because neither iOS7 nor Windows Phone 8.1 copied any elements from Android, BlackBerry, or webOS.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

Everybody is copying everybody so what. It looks better even than the stock android theme which is stale and old

Posted via Android Central App

Graphic designers must be pretty bored with this flat, one color trend going on. Most graphics in apps lately could be made in paint with minimal skill.

I like the flatter design Android is taking.The good old blue is starting to show its age

Posted via Android Central App from Nexus 7 2013

I hate to say this, but I'm okay with TW.
I'm using it (4.3, rooted, deodexed and no Knox). I use Xposed Modules for theming and Apex as my launcher for customization.

All Samsung has to do is realize that people don't like extra features, we like customizable themes. (Like customizable fonts).

Posted from my "KNOX-FREE" 4.3 Sprint GS3 Maxx...!!!
(ZeroLemon 7000mah battery)

If Samsung offered a theme engine and theme repository that users could contribute to (a la MIUI), they would have a huge hit.

Not a huge Samsung fan, but this looks nice! The arrow next to "Weight" kind of reminds me of iOS7 though. The cards on the third screen and the play/skip buttons looks more like Google/Android design.

Your hate, it warms the soul and says that Samsung is doing it right.

And stock Android is boring, unimaginative, and incomplete.

Wow, Samsung needs to have an original idea or make software that doesn't suck... So, there is a rumor about Apple meeting with the FDA and Samsung leaks a health app? I refuse to buy Samsung phones.

Posted via Android Central App

Well, all I can say about this is that...

It looks miles better than TW now.

Still not enough to move me away from my lovely CM11 installation.