Samsung Galaxy S Froyo

We've got little doubt that Froyo is just around the corner for the Samsung Galaxy S phones. It's been promised by Samsung since Day 1, and we recently saw a leaked Froyo ROM for the AT&T Captivate. Now comes this letter posted in the Android Central Forums, which purportedly comes from within Samsung. Our Korean's a little rusty, but we're told it basically says that testing has been completed, and the Korean binaries will be released this week (no idea if that's this week, last week or whenever).

The letter was posted in our Verizon Fascinate forums, but we're not reading too much into that. The individual carriers will release their udpates if and when they're ready. But this sure points to things moving forward. If any Korean-literate folks want to clear things up, definitely do so at the source link. [Android Central Forums]


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Leaked e-mail points to successful Froyo testing on the Samsung Galaxy S


It seems Sammy is keeping their promise with releasing Froyo, as we already have the leaks for the Cappy..but they never said anything about carriers. So let's see how much longer will the carrier delay us Galaxy S users of Froyo.

when did that come out and how do i get it?!?!?!? I got the evo for the hardwear but would much rather the evo's software and popularity

Unless you read Korean, how can you possibly jump to that conclusion?

It could have said something like "we might be close to releasing this in five or six months", and the date sent means nothing.

Korean, Please someone? Print it off an take it to the nearest 7/11 or something!!


I hope Samsung and the carriers stop playing around with getting Froyo to one of the best Android phones in the world which is the Samsung Galaxy S line of phones. Hopefully we can get Gingerbread 3.0 also.

That e-mail is so blanked out here and there it's hard to believe that it was accidentally leaked.

It's basically saying that they're done testing the european version and giving the official green light. The Korean version is done with testing as well but apparently hasn't been certified yet.

I don't see anything about the U.S versions.

Okay I know you've all heard this before, but the Samsung Epic 4G is seriously the easiest phone to root. Its my first Android phone and I rooted it in 10 minutes or less. All it takes is 2 downloads (the drivers for the computer and the one click root). You extract the zipped folder, open it up and click something while ur phone is plugged into the computer. AND THEN YOU'RE ROOTED!!! Seriously the easiest thing I've ever done. So with the development team over at XDA, I'm pretty sure they'll support us when it comes to Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb and beyond

Iam I the only chump who never got the last update to work on my phone? It wasn't pushed to me and of course the stupid update your phone option keeps telling me that it can't connect with AT&T. Am I doing something wrong? Of course, if the Froyo thing is true...who cares! So long as I can get that update.

Any help would be great.

I have the Epic. Can't believe it is taking them this long to release Froyo. The phone should have launched with it day 1. Please, let's get rid of the manufacturer made UIs and use stock Android. Love the Epic, but hope Samsung steps it up with future updates in a more timely manner.

i should had stayed with my palm pre. hate waiting for updates.. ill give Samsung and sprint 1 more week..or off with your head to my epic..

and you didnt happen to notice the Adobe dude running it on his Captivate the other day showing off Air?...OF COURSE it's working