Chrome OS Shelf

Noticeable visual updates and a few under-the-hood changes as well

The Stable channel of Chrome OS has just been bumped to 31.0.1650.61, bringing several user-facing changes. First up is more customization of the Shelf (the status bar and dock at the bottom of the screen), which can now be moved to either the left or right side — It can still be auto-hidden as well.

In the Shelf you'll also notice the app launcher has been pinned to the leftmost spot (or topmost if the Shelf is side-mounted) so that it doesn't move as you add more pinned apps to the Shelf. The launcher icons, app icons and status tray have also been slightly redesigned to be more touch friendly. A nice little visual touch can also be seen in your profile picture for logging in changing to be in sync with your Google+ picture, if you've chosen to have that feature.

This latest release of Chrome OS is available for all Chromebooks out there, except for the original Acer C7, the HP Chromebook 11 and HP Pavilion Chromebook. Your Chrome OS device will pull down the update automatically, or you can always check for the update manually by typing chrome://help in the URL bar.

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Latest Chrome OS release cleans up the Shelf, syncs profile photos with Google+


What is the reasoning behind some of the Chromebooks not getting the update? The fact that chrome books suffer the same update problems as android devices? I thought with the limited hardware interaction with the web components, that it wouldn't matter as much what hardware and manufacturer back the OS.

I think Android Central should attempt to reach out to Google for an explanation why some chromebooks won't be updated. This would be interesting to potential buyers such as myself before investing in one.

Posted via Android Central App

I'm using a HP Chromebook 11 on the beta channel and have all these features working flawlessly so I'm not too sure as to why they wouldn't make it to the stable build. Btw I like that AC is dropping a few Chrome OS stories. Keep up the good work.

Kinda weird that not all Chromebooks are being updated...I would like to know why too.
I just got my first Chromebook...the HP 14 and I think it is amazing ....I haven't put it down and my tablet is now neglected. I can't believe these things haven't caught on. With Google Voice I now even have a home phone. Love it. Google should promote and make these things in all configurations and price ranges.

Posted via Android Central App

Three finger tab switching and going back and forward with gestures are much faster and smoother on my Samsung Chromebook series 3 now