AllCast has introduced a great new Chrome app to join their excellent media-beaming app on mobile. AllCast Receiver for Chrome allows users to share audio, video, and live mirroring from mobile to your Chrome browser on desktop and elsewhere. Though it's not ready yet, a sender is in the works so you can shunt content from the Chrome browser to other screens as well.

AllCast was originally on Fire TV and found its way into Google Play shortly after. AllCast is quickly becoming a popular way of shooting your content out to big screens in a way that plays nice with and expands how you use Chromecast.

The mobile version of AllCast requires an update for it to work, but you can already head over to the Chrome store to get things installed.

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dhawk1202 says:

I'm sorry, is this compatible with chromecast? I must have missed that. I've been waiting for this!

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TomW093 says:

It's been compatible with Chromecast for a while

mstrblueskys says:

I debated whether or not to get a Chromebox for my new TV today. I decided against it, but now that we're here... and he said the Sender is coming soon. Ah, I may have just been sold.

tmavani says:

I've been thinking about doing this setup as well! Very tempting now

mstrblueskys says:

I just tried it on my work computer and it worked like a charm too.

Jerflash says:

This + Allcast + Showbox + My 21.5 iMac at work makes for some good times!

Deolarte says:

I was using all cast but AVIA works better with showbox in my end, plus you can add subtitles.

seanjenkins says:

I've had much more success with Avia also. Allcast had problems when switching apps and returning to allcast while casting

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pheatton says:

This a great app for local music on my phone but it always seems to restart the track half way through...

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Dan29466 says:

I'm confused. "AllCast has introduced a great new Chrome app to join their excellent media-beaming app on mobile"

Their? I thought AllCast was Koush. As in "that dude Koushik". That one, single, individual dude. Did he undergo mitosis? Somebody managed to clone him? What did I miss?