Kindle for Android

A nice update is rolling out for those of us using the Kindle app, especially fans of audiobooks. The latest version brings immersive mode to Android 4.4 and above devices, orientation lock, and new chapter navigation to the user interface. For everyone who likes to listen to audiobooks, Bluetooth device pairing inside the app and lockscreen audio controls have been added. Of course, this means new permissions and you can read Amazon's explanation of them all right here.


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Kindle app updated with UI tweaks and new audiobook features


Don't care unless they add whispersync. Switched to play books so I can read on any device and stay synced.

Posted via Android Central App

Ummmm, what? I read on a combination of my Nexus 5, 8" android tablet and Kindle Paperwhite and they have all always supported whispersync.

Posted via Android Central App

He must mean for support of other .epub's or .mobi's? I stopped using the Kindle app because I'll occasionally drop in a book from outside of the Kindle Store, and there was no syncing support like there is with Play Books (regardless of where the book came from).

Lock orientation isn't new, right? I know Amazon has it listed under the What's New description, but I've used it prior to updating. Also, no problem syncing on my devices.

Posted via AC App on HTC One

Yes and No. If you have the Ebook and Audible (whisper sync), you can download the audio. If you just own just the Audible then you can't and still need the Audible app.