Kevin Bacon Google TV Logitech Revue

Remember that pretty funny (and very creepy) Kevin Bacon stalking fan video (starring none other than Kevin Bacon himself) that was used to pimp the Logitech Revue and Google TV? Well, it's back with a full 3 minutes and 33 seconds of uneasiness. Not sure if it's going to turn Google TV into the IPTV powerhouse we'd hoped for, but it's still a fun (and creepy) watch. Peep it after the break. [Google TV Blog]

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ramblerd says:

So creepy, yet appealing.

Duffin says:

You know what this calls for? A horror movie where Kobenk decides to meet Kevin Bacon, not realizing he's really a stalker. It ends with him killing Kevin Bacon after Kevin refuses to play the Kevin Bacon game starting, connecting Kobenk and Bacon together. They could even call the movie The Kevin Bacon Game.

GaMMeLHaNsy says:


Paladin says:

Anyone else catch that "Ivan Cobenk" is an anagram of "Kevin Bacon" :)

ChrisFricke says:

Still funny :)

xubean says:

did you guys know that there are hidden links in the video? pretty cool! quite a few of them actually!

fwdixon says:

click on one of the ebay ones. Just about every pice of "memorabilia" is listed there for sale, lol

jbluther says:

jescobe82 says:

Hidden links??

rmeden says:

While the video is playing move the mouse around. Especially on objects. Your cursor will change and you can click the link. Some go to movie clips, outtakes, eBay auctions for the foundation.

It's pretty impressive how many links are there. I suspect many people spent *a lot* of time on this.

myalover says:

This makes me sad that this is the only GTV news we've had for a long time, but I hope this means they're ready to move on in development.

I love, love, love this extended version of the commercial. Kevin is such a great actor. He is also a very talented singer/songwriter...I know, you can't tell by this clip...ha ha. His band The Bacon Brothers rock! You can find them on YouTube and they have a Facebook fan page (The Bacon Brothers). If you get the chance to see them live, go! They put on a great show.

Droid-One says:

I want 3:33 minutes of my life back after watching this.