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A great action-RPG by the name of Juggernaut: Revenge of the Sovering was ported to Android from iOS today. The free-to-play (with a side of in-app purchases) game pits fighters against a series of monsters in various fantasy-themed locales.

Players execute attacks and spells through different gestures and swipes, but timing is absolutely critical to getting them through an opponent's defenses. There are a bunch of gameplay mechanisms in place for dodging different kinds of attacks, including fast tapping and pattern recall. The standard RPG elements are there too, namely upgrading gear, leveling up, and picking new class abilities. There's even a bit of Farmville-style resource collection, depending on which areas of the fantasy world you have under your control. 

The animation and graphics are really fantastic, and the gameplay is really quite unique. Check out the trailer for a taste. Download link is above; aside from IAPs, the only real downside is that the game takes up 440 MB. 


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Juggernaut: Revenge of the Sovering hacks and slashes into Google Play

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Ugh. Freemiums are the worst! In most games if you even buy some crazy $100 item, the game gets too damn easy and it's like you just paid for a cheat code!

(Not that I've bought a $100 item before tho lol. I bought some stuff for like $20 and that ruined the game bad enough).

Anyways, what is the IAP system like in this game? Is it anything like Dead Trigger? That game had a perfect freemium system IMO. I spent about $12 and got everything I'll ever need.

Anyways, if someone could let me know about the costs in this, I'd appreciate it.