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'Gingerbread,' 'Ice Cream' Sandwich drop some; 'Cupcake' and 'Donut' no longer reported

Google has dropped the latest platform version statistics on us — a monthly look at how the various versions of Android are doing the larger scheme of things. 

No great surprises here — Jelly Bean has increased to to 45.1 percent of all active devices, up about 5 percentage points from last month. That comes at the expense of Ice Cream Sandwich and Gingerbread, mostly, which are ticking down as more phones receive updates.

It's also worth mentioning that Google is no longer specifically reporting on Cupcake and Donut, because they can't use the new Google Play Store (from which these numbers are gleaned) but it does mention they total about 1 percent.

Source: Android Developer site


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'Jelly Bean' version of Android gains a few more percentage points


If Gingerbread would stop increasing, developers wouldn't have to do a bunch of stuffs just to make it available for older versions, honestly.

cheap prepaid devices are keeping gingerbread alive, I've noticed that prepaid is starting to offer more and more devices with at least ICS, so hopefully the number's will start dropping faster soon. I agree keeping Gingerbread compatibility in apps is a major pain in the ass for developer's, if they could focus on releasing 4.x apps it would simplify development.

Yeah, I think, Gingerbread was the point where Android started to really gain polish. It only went uphill from there.

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4.3 is Jelly Bean....

EDIT: Doh, I see what you're looking at. You are looking at the excel chart on the left.

If KitKat is available for all devices (or most) there will be little fragmentation.

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Thanks to ROMs like CyangenMod Jellybean is available to 60% of phones. (At least).
Yet you don't see this reflected on the chart.

That's because this chart represent's the os that is used on actual devices in use.
99% of people don't unlock bootloader's and install custom rom's so the fact that 60% of devices can run jelly bean thanks to custom rom's doesn't matter for the chart.

It is interesting that Gingerbread has a greater percentage than Ice Cream Sandwich. I guess there are many budget handset makers that have standardized on Gingerbread.

While the 1% still using Cupcake and Doughnut might seem insignificant, 1% of a million devices is still a sizeable number (10,000 in that example). From the chart above it looks like Honeycomb users are int he same boat.

Perhaps the Android team might benefit from targeted advertising to users of these undoubtedly older devices to get them into a new device? I'm sure they have basically stopped developing anything for those versions and their inability to use the Play store should be enough, but some people just get stuck with something that isn't 'broke' so they aren't going to 'fix' it.

Honest question here.
Why do we care about this? How is knowing how many Toyotas and Hondas are out on the road helping us? It's sort of like updating us on how many trees are planted, and cut down every year. Not trying to sound rude, but people are going to upgrade their phones to the latest and greatest, and some people won't. The tree thing was a real bad analogy. :D

I don't get it, help educate me.

This information is released for developer's, to assist them in making decision's on what android version's to support in their apps. Car's generally don't have apps for third parties to develop on, so your analogy doesn't hold water.

If your not a developer, it doesn't really matter other than having information for discussions on Android fragmentation.
For the average user it's just for the sake of curiosity.

Kit kats description sounds like it'll try to update some older phones phones that are still popular to decrease fragmentation.

That or it's a huge hint to a smartwatch

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I still have a phone running Cupcake! LG said they were going to update it but they put faulty update software on their website for it and ignored all protests and requests to fix it. Don't really use the phone now, recently (finally) got a different phone - a secondhand Motorola RAZR i which runs Jellybean.

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Wantin a ATT Samsung infuse gingerbread for myself. Have a 5 mo old ATT Galaxy S3 I am wantin to sell or trade. Soon! Txt 573 - 535 - 9847.

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