Android 4.1 Jelly Bean introduces a couple of new features in the stock camera app, with the aim of making it easier to sort through and prune all those photos you've been shooting with zero shutter lag. Currently only available on the Galaxy Nexus (the Nexus 7 doesn't have a rear camera), the Jelly Bean camera app adds a new animation when photos are being taken, which acts as a visual hint at a new swipe gesture that's been added. Flick to the left at any time, and you'll be able to scroll through all the photos you've taken. From there, you can crop, rotate or share, just like in the gallery app. Alternatively, pinch to zoom out, and there's an expanded view from which you can swipe upwards to discard unwanted photos. And at the front of this photo stream is the live feed from your camera, which can be tapped to go back to shooting stills.

We're not going to pretend the Galaxy Nexus has the best smartphone camera out there -- indeed, that 5MP sensor is looking a little long in the tooth when compared to the latest HTC and Samsung offerings. But nevertheless, it's good to see Google addressing one of the main problems caused by shooting images in rapid succession -- the sheer volume of photos you can quickly find yourself with. Check out our video above for a walkthrough of all these new features, or hit the link below to check out our other Jelly Bean feature articles.

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Jelly Bean feature: Camera app tweaks for easier photo management


Thanks for the write up. Been rocking jb for a week now and just thought I had a bug in my ROM because I couldn't swipe to delete. I feel like an idiot. "Pinch!" At least I know now. Thanks again!

Brilliant Google. Should have thrown in a better camera though, but still, the 5mp one is fine for me. I have a REAL camera for proper pictures.

The problem I've been having with the JB camera is that sometimes it stamps the wrong date on pictures. Or maybe it was that I was traveling and changing time zones somehow confused JB. Some of the pictures I took on july eighth were dated july 11th.Annoyingly those pictures always appear first in the gallery now.

Where on Earth is the wide option? When I switched to ICS I lost the ability to take wide shots with the camera. Why would they just outright eliminate such a popular feature?

...and the touch to focus?! That is a glaring omission in the camera app!!