Jawbone Up

Until today the Jawbone UP has been an iOS only affair if you want to take advantage of the mobile aspect, but that has changed with the release of the Android companion app. If you're not familiar with the device, it tracks sleeping and exercise habits, and when mated with your smartphone the companion application allows users to keep track of their diet as well, making it an all around fitness and health system.

The app has just now gone live in the Play Store for users to download, so head to the link at the top of this post to take a look.

Via: Engadget


Reader comments

Jawbone UP companion app now available for Android


Shesh, only took two years... I recieved one when they first came out as a gift wonder if it works? I think it is in storage somewhere.

I wonder if Sammy's upcoming health App had anything to do with them finally releasing it on Android

does this mean if I buy one from the Apple Store, it'll still be compatible with Android via the app?

not sure where else they sell in Toronto aside from the Apple Store..

cool thanks!

hopefully will be able to pick one up for today now that it's available for android finally

Any chance of a review for the actual wristband? Looks interesting.. But having read about their first one and the issues, would be good to know if they've been addressed (: