Rex Manning Day Contest!

Today's the day, folks! Apple is announcing new iPhones, which means the entire world will be paying attention to all the coverage at our sister site,! (Seriously, we asked the entire world, and that's what it said.)

Us? We're gonna keep on doing what we always do. And that includes our fifth annual "Anything but Apple" giveaway! What's in store? Why, just a brand-new 32-gigabyte Nexus 7 (with LTE!) and a brand-new Chromecast, that's what's in store.

To enter to win this pair, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post. That's it. Leave a comment, and you're entered to win. (Just one comment is all it takes, folks.) We're leaving this open to everyone everywhere (so long as your comment isn't "Is this contest open to everyone? Or just in the U.S.?"), because we love you.

We'll close things up at 7 p.m. EDT tonight, after all the excitement has died down. Namaste.


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It's our fifth annual 'Anything but Apple' giveaway!



I am not sure what I want, what would be the best prize for someone with an HTC One....should I get a tablet...or what?!?!

Apple releases study finger print identifying technology that will be sure to have several flaws. Yay android!

I'd be loving me that Chromecast. Just starting running CM10, and I have faith that Koush is going to build in some great streaming capability.

Also a One user. I love the sense UI. So I've never really messed with stock android I would welcome a free nexus 7

Wait? what? the LTE N7 already came out???! That's exciting!
on a related note: Google really needs to step up the marketing game. I mean there has been a few Nexus related commercials recently and all of them are focused on emotionally connecting with the consumer, but they only highlight one feature: Google Now and its tie in with reminders, maps, etc.

To some degree, I wish they would also focus on some of the hardware features. Take a page out of Apple's book. "The highest resolution for a tablet of its size." shoot another CM highlighting stereo speakers and virtual surround. Just do something to really grasp at the mindshare. My sample size is rather limited, but it just seems that Google really struggles to gain traction with their Nexus products with the average consumer. While some might say that the N4 isn't really for the average consumer, the N7 appears to be targeted to the mass market. It is still a success-- but it's missing that extra something that'll completely break open the market.

.. eh ... maybe I'm over thinking this.

I will take the one that hasn't been molested by Mr. Hildebrand's Beard. If both are subject to that having already happened then either is fine - nothing soap can't solve, right?

I just brought my Galaxy Note 8 back to Futureshop, so hey, why not a Nexus 7 ? :) Thanks AC ! :D


You are a handsome man with rugged good looks!(Does blatant ass kissing and lies improve my chances??)


Anything but Apple. What a great name for your contest! Looking forward to this community. And winning is good.

Does it come in really ugly, Easter egg colors?

Kidding. And never going back to Apple again.

The first time ever that I'm participating in such a contest. Hope I'm lucky one and I win it :-)
Beginner's luck maybe ;-)

Probably the sweetest tablet i know of.. Would be a dream como true to have one! Keep giving them away so i get a change of winning one :P

Thank God a website that's not promoting the icrap.. I've been wanting these pair forever. .!!

Shamelessly an iPhone user but have only used android tabs. I am on track for a replacement phone and this tablet. The chromecast sounds cool as well>! Thanks for sponsoring the giveaway!!!!

The whole world you say?!?!?! I'm sure pinky and the brain would love to use this distraction to take over the world.

I held my friend's Nexus 7 the other day and Anandtech is right, the calibration is spot on. What an awesome display, would love to have one someday.

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Assuming I got home in enough time and I can add properly I should be able to enter with enough time to spare, such that I can make a sandwich and finish this sentence.

I concur with "Sweet! LTE N7!" - Now that the tablet supports cellular in the US at fast speeds, it can help get someone who has a lousy phone battery through the day. While not a full replacement for a phone, LTE makes it a mobile companion like few other Android devices. I would certainly be an awesome prize. :)

AWESOME deal, AC! Man, I love you guys. Brand New Nexus 7 with LTE on practically day 1 of availability! Please let me win!

what a great way to keeps us all from wanting to kill ourselves listening to all the apple stuff

Thanks for the giveaways, you guys really rock with the free stuff.
Have I brown nosed enough to win yet? lol

Just kidding but seriously I'm drooling over that nexus 7 with LTE.

Would love to win, so I can balance my girlfriend getting that iPhone 5S.

The world says thank you. It likes it when it's feelings are taken into consideration. Insert hat into ring. Have a good day.

My turn to win, everyone else please do not enter, just let me have it lol....Good luck everybody.

Sweet. I'm down for something that isn't Apple anytime. AC all the way!

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My Tab2 7" is getting a bit sluggish, so I guess a brand new Nexus wouldn't hurt ;).

Just bought one for my son for his birthday. Awesome tablet, but now I really want one for myself!

Anything but Apple, I love it! I prefer fermented grapes :-P

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Love my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 - would love to convert my wife from her iPhone to an Android! Thanks guys - love this contest!

Scrolled down to a random comment to enter the contest and... I feel you man. Same here; Note 2 vs iPhone.

That chromecast would look great in my basement and my wife would love the N7! Here's to the 1 in 10020233848563223 chance I have of winning!! :)

Android Central and Mobile Nations are so incredible that it blows my mind. Contests, contests everywhere! Thanks!!!

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And this is what makes Android Central so awesome. They cater to those that don't care about Apple with sweet things like this

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