This is an image of David Hasselhoff and Sergey Brin is a mosaic of tiny Google Glass wearers

It's The Hoff and The Brin. Glasselhoff and the Brinmeister. Explorer Hasselhoff and Master Brin.

Kris Kitchen, himself a Google Glass Explorer, took the next logical step from the April Fools' Day jocularity of yesterday — Google+ David Hasselhoff Auto Awesome Photobombs — and took a massive collection of portraits of Google Glass users and assembled them into a masssive mosaic image of David Hasselhoff and Google co-founder Sergey Brin.

Challenge: Find the Phil.

Source: +KrisKitchen

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JinxDroid says:

Is Phil almost right in the middle? Just to the left of where Sergi's ear would be?

AlyarbankHQZ says:

I though it was Hall & Oates!...

valapsp says:

Yup u got him.
_ how are these mosaic photos with portraits made?

Green_Laser says:

haha close, but not so

in the pic above it does look similar to Phil, but in the original, , you'll see it's a different person :-{)

but in the link, go to the right, click on Phil, you'll see it will show you he's in the pic

Yep, he's on the second to last row in the middle of David's left leg!
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Update - hmm, just found Phil twice...

wicketr says:

Aren't these photo mosaics supposed to be based off the predominate color, brightness, etc of the actual images?? This is just a bunch of pictures, with the Hasselhoff/Brin photo overlayed to be used as a filter to change the brightness. I just feel like this is a poor man's attempt at creating one of these.

bxojr says:

My reaction exactly. Bogus mosaic. Not impressed.

Kris Kitchen says:

Check out my latest work. 0 alterations.

Wesley1 says:

Another Hoff photobomb?

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