IDC posted their quarterly numbers of the international tablet market. They're showing a slight dip in iPad dominance and growth from Samsung. Apple dropped from 40.2% of market share in the first quarter of 2013 to 32.5% in Q1 2014, compared to Samsung who went up from 17.5% to 22.3%. According to IDC, Amazon, Asus, and Lenovo each occupy 5% or less of the current global market share, with the remaining 34% claimed by other manufacturers. The overall market has dipped 35% since the holiday quarter which isn't much of a surprise, but it's up 3.9% since a year ago.

Traditionally, Apple has dominated the tablet space, but the gap with Samsung is quickly closing. It's hard to say if the two will be on completely even ground come this time next year, but given these numbers, it's easy enough to imagine. How many of you guys have an iPad? Would you ever consider swapping it out for something from Samsung? Do many of you have Samsung tablets?

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IDC data shows tablet sales slowing but Apple and Samsung still own the market


Everyone and their brother already owns a tablet (or two), so its not surprising the rush is slowing.

Its harder (and more foolish) to buy these subsidized, so growth is inhibited by price.

I have 4 Samsung tablets (Galaxy Tab 3 7.0; Note 8.0; Note 10.1 - 2014 edition; and Note Pro 12.2) so I'm probably helping their numbers.

I had an iPad 2 for a few years which was a great tablet. However, I got bored with it pretty quickly so I got rid of it. The hardware is solid, but the software is too limiting for me. I'll be picking up a Note 10.1 2014 Edition really soon, especially since it just recently got the Kit Kat update

Don't have a Samsung or Apple Tablet, Physical navigation button(s) is a big no for me on tablets and their prices are still too high. I am really enjoying my Nexus 7 but would upgrade to a Nexus 8 if one gets released at I/O.

That's right Samsung...not HTC nor LG...Samsung is the one to keep Android tablet sales up. So all you Samsung haters out there need to shut it, and except that we need Samsung to keep Android ahead of Apple

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So HTC isn't seeing the world on fire with their...ummm...their uhhhh...ummmm...

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Currently rocking the G Pad 8.3. I really like the size of it. I have a Xoom LTE that my kids mostly use now days as well. I had one of the Asus w/keyboards and an old Nook Tablet. To me the 8" size is the sweet spot, since phones have continued to grow the 7" just seems a tiny bit bigger than my phone. Both 10" tablets were just too big to hold for long periods of time and games felt awkward to me but the 8.3" G Pad just works for me.

Today I'd still buy the G Pad (price is great) or Samsung Pro 8”. The iPad mini retina is nice as well if I wanted an Apple tablet. That new Sony is really great looking, just wish they made a smaller version. The Amazon tablets are nice, I'm just too invested into Google or even Apple to get into yet another echo system.

The thing that Apple and Samsung have is a wide array of cases and accessories though which is really nice.

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I have a Nexus phone and an Ipad Air tablet. For me it is a great duo. The low weight of the Ipad Air makes it the first tablet that makes sense.

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Nexus 7 here, but I really don´t like it. I am going to keep Android as my phone platform for a while, but I am getting an iPad next release.

What can an iPad do that your Nexus doesn't? Or is it just the size?

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I have the 2012 model. The build quality is pretty bad. There are also some speciality apps that have no Android equivalent. Other apps like Facebook, Kindle and Play Books perform badly. I dislike the general performance of the tablet. I however find the size perfect. I may wait to see what Google does in 2014 before deciding.

I had a 12 and switched to 13. Asus does have some QA issues, true, but by and large I love my Nexus. The cost difference is not worth it to me.

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I used to have an iPad 3rd Gen but sold it due to the lack of really using it. A couple of years after I sold it I actually obtained the need to have a tablet more than before so I wanted something a little more portable. I ended up getting a Nexus 7 and haven't looked back, especially since I love the Google ecosystem much more.. I wouldn't mind getting one of those Samsung 8'' Note tablets but I may wait and see if the rumored Nexus 8 ever comes out. I definitely agree that an 8'' tablet feels like the sweet spot.

Apple loses 20% of their market share and that's considered "slight"

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I've got the note 10.1 2012 edition. I'd get a new one if I had the extra cash.

Wouldn't even consider an ipad. Actually wouldn't touch a large tablet that lacks a stylus similar to the s pen.

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Posting from my Pro 12.2 right now. Just got it after I sold my note 8. It is huge but can pretty much replace a computer for what I do with it.

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Wife and I both have 2013 Nexus 7's. Quite happy with them.

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I have an ipad mini, an ipad Air and an Asus memo Pad Hd7. I prefer Apple Tablets but Android phones. The best of both worlds. I've owned the nexus 7 2012 and the Samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1 in the past.
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I've had all the iPad up until the last year's model... Boring.
Looking to pick up a 12.2 Note, soon! Super excited.
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I have an ipad4 and would love to sell it. Has a zagg Bluetooth keyboard /case. Not a fan. Prefer my Sammy

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Loving my Note 10 2014. Specially that has KK now... But I wish it had the tab pro UI... Either way, I love smart launcher. Keeping it clean. I'm a designer, and use it for quick drawings for clients. But, I don't really use it as much, at home just for Netflix, HBO go and Hulu+. My Note 3 is perfect for everything I do!
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