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Hulu Plus has been updated for Android users so that you don't need a Plus subscription to stream select video content. Previously, the Android app requires that users pay for the $7.99 monthly subscription to access video content, but now it looks like Hulu is freeing up some of that content to non-subscribers.

"Get access to a selection of content for free - latest and past episodes of popular current TV shows and a selection of content from Hulu Originals, Anime, Kids, Movies and Latino," Hulu says.

After the update, you'll be able to get the latest episode or two of each show for free, though not all shows are part of the gratis offering. If you want more in the back library, you'll have to shell out for that Plus subscription.

Will you be watching more shows and movies on Hulu Plus now that the service is opening up more and offering some enticing free episodes?


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Hulu finally adds some free viewing options to Android app


correction I don't see how people subscribe to Hulu Plus you pay for a monthly service and still get ads WTF. Is advertising Hulu's only source of income

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It's really to see why you pay for Hulu to as you say watch commercials.
I can pay upwards of $100 for over a hundred TV channels (I actually watch about 10) and get the commercials to go along with it. Hulu let's me pay $8 for almost all the shows I would watch (looking at you CBS) and I still get commercials.
By my math I'm saving $92. Hulu is a no brainer in my opinion.
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Why would you watch commercials while paying for cable? There's this thing called the DVR, makes it pretty easy to skip them. I must be spoiled cause basic cable is only about $60 around here, I pay like $75 between a couple extra channels (Science, NBA, etc, not HBO and premium stuff) and the CableCard rental fee for my TiVo (better and cheaper than a DVR rental in the long run).

I'm actually in the process of switching internet providers (my DSL stinks and the telco's fiber offerings are pitiful), once I add 50mbps to my cable bill it'll be like $135 total... If I really wanted to cut the cord I wouldn't save much, if at all. Paying for Hulu + Netflix + season passes for two sorts + higher priced cable internet (cause it's more expensive out of bundle) would add up. Sports seems to be the big stumbling block for me tho.

Agreed. I had three boxes in the house. One DVR and two dummy boxes. Heck the DVR box was $13.95 a month by itself. Add in another $8 each for the dummy boxes and that's a lot of money each year in box rentals alone. I cut the cord about a year and a half ago and we haven't even thought about going back. I am seeing actual savings of $92 each month after the cost of Netflix and Hulu are calculated in.
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That's on you tho, CableCard rentals are often like $2-3 and buying your own DVR can pay for itself in the long run.

because it's convenient? I went from paying close to 150 bucks for my cable/tv package. now, i'm down to 65 for cable, 8 for netflix, 8 for hulu, and couldn't be happier. i have access to all of the programming that my cable subscription gave me whereever I go, not just when I'm at home. the ads are only like 30 seconds long and you maybe have to put up with 1 or 2 of them. they also have plenty of opportunities where you can select to put on a 2 minute ad, walk out of the room and do something else, and come back and watch the program uninterrupted by additional ads.

I "cut the cord" a year and a half ago and Hulu is one service I have been using since. I actually watch less commercials than I do with cable (Yes I am aware that a DVR can skip some, but not if your watching live) and save a ton of $$$. Along with a couple of Rokus Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Instant, etc have made the experience great. The only thing I miss is Sports (I still get the NFL on the networks).

Can't you watch most of that for free though? I watch Hulu a lot, but I don't see a reason to buy a subscription. All the subscription does is give you access to the old stuff...

I used the free service a little a few years back and dropped it when they added the Plus option - but kept the ads. I never installed the mobile app as a result either.

That said, between Netflix and Crackle, plus looming Amazon Video for Android, I see no reason to look back. To little to late for my interests.

This is good for cheap cord cutters I guess, anyone with cable can usually get the last few episodes of most shows thru the TV channel's own app tho, and hardcore cord cutters world usually already be paying for Hulu Plus or they'd just wait for entire seasons to show up on Netflix/elsewhere.

The whole TV content distribution ecosystem is so disjointed... It REALLY makes me appreciate how Jobs managed to get all major music studios on board under the same roof early on, far greater business accomplishment than any one Apple device in recent history.

Tried to download the Hulu update in the play store and it says; unknown error code during application install: "-24"
I am on my 3 month free trial.
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To be expected. The shows are free on Android mobile devices, not free on Television devices.

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Mirroring works perfectly. Tested using Nexus 10 and South Park's premiere episode. Looked pretty good and everything was in sync.

I don't mind ads, paying for Hulu Plus and still getting ads is a pain, but not a deal breaker. What is a deal breaker for me is the repetitiveness of the ads and how many of them are irrelevant to me. Being force fed ads that don't interest me, and showing them repetitively is so irritating. I'd be willing to pay for Plus if they just figured out how to serve me a greater variety of ads that actually interest me. I'd also be more likely to click on them too.

I've never paid for cable. I get TV OTA, and I deal with the ads since I'm getting it for free over a dumb wireless signal. But in the age of smart Web technology, if I'm going to be charged for something online and still shown ads, they better be good.

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do you input feedback? usually, during ads, they ask you if the ad was relevant to you or not. i found that by giving them some input there, most of the ads are at least in the ballpark of stuff i might be interested in. youtube ads are doing it right (no clue how). you can skip them after 5 seconds, but sometimes they capture enough of your attention in those 5 seconds for you to want to stick around to watch the whole thing. hulu should probably figure out some of that magic.

The problem I have/had with Hulu+ was not necessarily with the ads, it was that after watching the ad, many times the show I was watching would not load the next segment, so I would try to stop the payback and start again, only to watch the ad again. Then I would try to fast forward back to the segment I was trying to load and I would be forced to watch the ad again.

If Hulu could make it that the programs worked as well as the ads, I think I only had one ad fail to load, then it would be worth the cost, but as is, it is not even worth the $8.

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Hulu let's you watch new episodes of shows the day after they air. Probably one of the reasons they have ads. Still at 8 bucks a month it's not bad at all.

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Hulu content is getting thinner as Amazon prime is taking a big part of available content. This Sucks as I already subscribe to Netflix as well.
All this bidding out new shows to many different streaming services will dilute each individual service.
All shows should be available to all paid streaming services. .or eventually everyone will get fed up with this type of captive monopoly.
Just sayin

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This. It's all too disjointed... Studios don't want ONE company with all the power and influence tho, they saw the leverage iTunes gained over music studios.

I tried to sign up for a free hulu account, I put my birthday in, among the other information, then click "continue", it says I need to put my birthday infinitum

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Great update. Tons of shows I watch have free episodes even current. Done networks don't like food but we'll... It's fox. I can't subscribe to hulu right now so I'm glad I can watch tons of free shows until I can. Best Hulu update ever.

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Have they gotten a Google TV app yet?

Just checked. At least not for MY Google TV.

No Google TV, no way. Pass. I'll stick with Netflix. They support my products. That goes for you too, Amazon Prime.