Howard Stern on Android

A couple weeks ago, Howard Stern inked a new contract with Sirius that enabled him to broadcast on mobile devices, including Android. What was unknown was when his channels would be made available. See where this is going? The Stern channels have gone live on the Sirius XM app for Android!.

If you're interested, go into your Sirius XM app and browse or search for Stern, then you're ready to listen to the controversial personality. Thanks, Jay and Gary!

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Howard Stern channels have gone live on Sirius XM for Android


Finally! I was listening to some wierd hack streams before that were only on part of the day and kept dropping out. Just loaded up the app. Great to see him in the line up.

Now do you have to sign up for the howard stern package or just pony up the 2.99 for online service?


Seriously though, there is no extra fee just for Howard, he's just part of the regular channel lineup on mobile now.

Very glad they finally got this going, I hated having to stream Shoutcast rips.

Won't work on HTC Evo after the update this weekend. Sirius app just spins when on 3G. Only works on WiFi. Same issue as when Froyo came out. If it takes Sirus another month or two to fix, I will not renewing my subscrption. This really ticks me off.

Why is this person news? He has nothing to do with Android....period. Im sure we could get rosie o'donnell on sirius-xm as well, so do we need to make a post on her nasty crack as well? FAIL!! C'mon Sean............

....meaning he has nothing to with the development of Android or App development for the Android in general.... he is merely a frigging RADIO "PERSONALITY". Read between the lines....

Relax. It's just a very simple article stating that the Sirius/XM app has some new content. Read between the lines? WTF? Sorry AC, guess you guys shouldn't post information that some may find useful.

OK cool... Great to have Howard back in the digital mainstream! BUT SIRIUS XM Online, and developer QuickPlay Media have got some serious repair work to do.

This app DOES NOT STREAM on a regular 3G/4G data connection on the BEST SELLING ANDROID PHONE on the planet - HTC EVO 4G!!

Gentlemen, please get your shite together and FIX THIS NOW!!!! It not working just makes the whole enterprise look really BAD!!

Tech Hint: Extra buff 3G/4G data stream and add a "stream quality indicator" to let us know the data connection quality.

Thanks and Merry Christmas!!

found a simple fix and it works.
call sprint tech support and tell them u need your msl number. write it down.

enter ##3282# on your phone.
edit mode
enter msl number
change http pd proxy port to 0
change http pd proxy address to

Thank you very much, this really worked for my EVO. Finally I can listen to Howard at work!!!!

Oh and one more thing THE SPRINT STORES ARE USELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just hooked up my mytouch first app i downloaded was sirius works fine but i cant seem to get icon on my screen wtf

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