Text messaging on the Samsung Galaxy S4

Still trying to figure out how to send an SMS on your Samsung Galaxy S4? We can help!

Text messaging is probably something you’re going to be doing often on your Samsung Galaxy S4. There are a couple of ways to send and read SMS messages.

By default, your text messages go the Messaging app. They’ll also appear in the notification tray as they come in; just swipe from the top of the screen whenever you see the little envelope icon up top. If the Messaging app isn't on your home screen, tap the Apps button in the bottom left and swipe through the apps there to find it. Once you’re in Messaging, you’ll see a list of your latest SMS conversations. Tap one to view it, or tap the icon in the top-right to start a new text message.

SMS on the Samsung Galaxy S4

At the top of the New message window in the Enter recipient field, you’ll be able to type in the phone number or name of the person you want to send a text message to. Predictions will show up beneath where you’re typing; go ahead and tap someone if you see them pop up there to save you time. You can also tap the head icon to browse through your entire address book, and tap the checkboxes to send the message to multiple recipients. Speaking of which, you can also send text messages directly from the address book as well; just tap the yellow envelope next to contact phone numbers. Once recipients have been picked, tap the text field at the bottom of the screen to start typing your message, and tap the envelope and arrow key to send. Tap the paperclip icon to attach a photo or other file to the message.SMS on the Samsung Galaxy S4

Within conversations, tapping the menu key (just to the left of the home button) will let you drop in smileys, add text from outside applications or preset templates, schedule a text for future delivery, block numbers, or translate texts from another language. Tap the text box at the bottom to write a reply. The trash bin icon in the top right will delete the conversation if you tap it, while the phone icon will initiate a phone call to that number. Press and hold any message in the conversation for options to forward the message, copy it, or delete it.

Tapping the menu key from the full Messaging list will let you dive into Settings. From here you can toggle options such as automatic message deletion and how messages are presented. Keep in mind that Google Hangouts can also handle all of your SMS needs very well, which is a great option if you’re using it for other instant messaging anyway. 

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How to send a text message on the Samsung Galaxy S4


I may not have a GS4, But just wanted to say THANKS to AC for posting more tips and HOW-TOs for those of us that aren't as advanced as others here! It was the right call to add more of these this year!

Hey, I know you guys said you were posting some stuff for n00bs, but this one is really basic. I think I'm more shocked by the need for it than questioning your judgment that it's warranted.

Anyway, I don't have a Galaxy S4 and I know how to text, so I know this was not directed at me. Not complaining, just remarking, "Wow, that's surprisingly basic."

Wow, this is really scraping the idea barrel. But just in case, you better remind us how to make a phone call too :-)

There certainly are a lot of smug people commenting. Why are they even reading this thread? Perhaps the next time a friend asks me to install their new brake discs, so simple, I should be a jerk and ask "do you know how to unlock the door?". I think not, I'm from a different generation.

OOPS I had caps lock on please ignore that I don't know how to delete on this website. Anyway thanks for telling me how to send a textual message on my Samsung galaxy s4 mobile telephone as I requested yesterday. BUT I have another question which is how do I turn on the telephone into on mode? I have already taken out the battery and put it back many times no success. I have also tried other batteries in case mine was defective such as a 9 volt, AA etc. PLEASE HELP I'm so old and confuses by these newfangled gadgets and gizmos, so much harder to use than the telephony devices of my day and age. Anyway here I am rambling again but thanks for the help android guys and I hope you and your families are all doing ok, you guys grew up so fast and now you have your own website I'm so proud of you all. Goodbye!

Can you also post a how to unpack and power on a Samsung Galaxy S4, otherwise I cannot use this guide!

How about an article about how to setup an sms pop-up with quick reply option. Maybe using Tasker. Another nice tip would be how to get icon labels with unread counts.

hey thanks for this but umm when I'm using the talk to text feature while in a message how do I send the message without pushing the button is there way to do it with my voice

I just got a Samsung Galaxy S4.I was wondering if there is any way to send more than 10 texts messages at a time? I have looked and can't find any place on how to.

When I send a group text to android users and ios users, the ios users do not receive the message. It shows "Delivered to some", and the iphone people never get the texts. Why is this?

I used preset text templates a lot in Galaxy S4, but now with the Android 5 lollipop update, I can't find a way to use them. I can still see all my templates when I go to Settings in the main messages screen, but when I'm actually writing a message, and tap the menu, the option is just not there. Does anyone know how to use templates??
Thanks for everything!