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Right in the middle of CES last week, Google opened up the Chrome beta channel for Android, allowing adventurous phone and tablet owners to get a sneak peek at what's next from the mobile browser. The current beta -- which was actually updated just yesterday -- is based on the latest Google Chrome 25, a full seven versions ahead of the most recent stable release for Android. That means a couple of things -- firstly, many of the performance issues in the earlier Chrome releases have been ironed out -- and secondly, some new bugs have taken their place. That's why it's a beta, after all.

We've found that performance -- and bugginess -- in the new Chrome beta seem to vary from device to device, more so than the stable Chrome builds. In our experience it performs pretty well on the Nexus 4 and Samsung Exynos devices, but we've run into a few hiccups on Tegra 3 devices like the Nexus 7.

So we're interested to hear how you're getting on with the Chrome Beta, if you've taken to using it as your main mobile browser. Head on over to the comments section and let us know about your experiences with the app, and don't forget to tell us which phone or tablet you're using it on. Is it an improvement over the stable channel for you? Or is there still work to be done to bring it up to scratch on yoru device? Hit the comment link above and have your say.


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How's the new Google Chrome Beta running for you?


Using an evo 3d...
zooming and scrolling is extremely laggy...
but pages load a heck of alot faster...
also gets rid of the visual artifacts/glitches that were there in the stable version...

you must have misread the title, it's "How's the new Google Chrome Beta running for you?" not "How's Dolphin running for you". Don't need to thank me.

On i9300 with stock 4.1.2 ROM it's much better than stable, but still much worse than Android Browser, so i'm sticking with that.

I'm running the Chrome Beta on my Nexus4 and Nexus7. For me the speed is drastically improved over the stable version on the Nexus 4, and I haven't seen any issues on my Nexus7. I am however running AOKP on both so my experiences may vary slightly from those running the stock ROMs.

Won't even open for me on my S3 running AOKP JB M1. I was hoping the update to it would fix the problem, but no luck. :(

No Chrome for me, I'm stuck on 2.3.6

Samsung Droid Charge.
Hoping to get the S4 when it comes out in May/June

Began using it last night and haven't noticed any problems yet on my GS3. Also DL'd it to my ASUS TF300T, but haven't had the chance to use it yet.

Using it on my Galaxy Nexus is fine, fast and stable - history and bookmarks aren't syncing
Using it on my Nexus 7 is another issue... Had freezes, crashes and force closes. Sometimes Chrome Beta won't open. Or close
Has the same syncing issues as on my GNex, in that it doesn't sync

Running the Paranoid Android ROM on both devices.

Running semi smooth on my S3. It does from time to time not render the mobile page. I hate waiting for the desktop page to load. After update it has been faster and less laggy. One thing I will mention is when I go to another mobile nations website, such as wpcentral is loads the page too big. I always have to tap to downsize. The stock android browser loads it fine.

As far as browsing goes it seems fine on my GNex. haven't really tried it much on my Xoom or Nexus 4. I am finding Swiftkey Flow to be a little jumpy. The stock keyboard seems much more stable to me.

I find the same thing, stock keyboard on 4.2 runs smoother than third party keyboards in general. and the 4.2 keyboard is perfect for my use.

On my nexus 4 I have no problems with the stock chrome browser, it's fast, is better designed and has important features I need and also works much for me than the old android browser used to on other phones. So I haven't rushed to test out chrome beta.

Videos run extremely well--big improvement over the non-beta version. Drop-down boxes make the browser hang often though. Overall, the speed is unapologetically faster.

Works great for me, not even a slight bug has effected my experience. The speed difference is awesome.
Note 2

I have it on my HTC One X and my Nexus 10. I've found the experience to be good on both devices. I've not noticed ANY bugs at all so far.

The improvement on the Nexus 10 is the most noticeable. Chrome was causing alot of restarts for me but the new Beta hasn't crashed once.

Not had any issues with my Tegra 3 One X either. I'll get my fiancee to download it on her Nexus 7 and GNex.

Overall it seems much smoother and faster than the older android chrome.

Running pretty good on my N10 & D4. Scrolling is a bit behind my finger on the N10, sometimes a bit laggy too on scrolling. Running real good on my D4. Seems to open up pages just a bit faster in my un-scientific testing on both devices. Son far I like the direction its headed.

Slower than the stable version and it's frozen a couple of times or so.

I hope I it gets very frequent updates and hope they add new features.

1) Needs text reflow after pinch to zoom

2) Needs to be much faster

3) Interface could be a lot more intuitive- take a look at UC browser. Google could learn from it's intuitive gestures.

4) Needs night mode

5) Needs option to permanently enable desktop mode.

6) needs save for offline reading feature.

Sorely disappointed that Google products lack text reflow, even play books lacks this important feature. Hopefully these features get included as soon as possible. These would make this the best browser ever.

This release will be amazing once all of the bugs are worked out! That being said, scrolling and zomming is wonky as is. I still see a jump to the top of the page when navigating a site on my GalaxyNexus. Less issues on my Note2.

Is there a way we can report bugs directly to Google?

Loving it on my nexus 7,i do notice some slow downs the first time I go to use it after not being on but it's too bad.

It's been great on my CM10 Atrix 4G, stable chrome wouldn't run on that rom. I've also put it on my N7 and my TF300, I haven't noticed any issues, but I haven't had a chance to use it much on those yet

Run pretty fast on my Galaxy Nexus, I use it as my default browser, It does run better than the stable version of Chrome.

Its terrible on my nexus 7. I still have to use dolphin which is way better. I'm really not sure of what's preventing google from getting chrome for android correct, so many other browsers perform flawlessly. I think it's embarassing.

Could someone please tell me where to find the wallpaper used in the headline image? :D I've been searching for so long and no luck! (sorry for off topic post)!

Don't remember exactly, but Google for "CUBEN HD wallpapers" and that should get you darn close to the creator of that image and other tab wallpapers. Great stuff!

I've tried chrome many times since it's been released but I always go back to the stock Android browser. I'll wait till chrome gets inter grated and they drop the stock browser tell I use it as a daily driver

Used it on CDMA Galaxy Nexus running Sourcery 4.3 Experimental 4.2.1 Rom. Too many issues for me. It is super laggy, but the most notable one that resulted in me abandoning it for the time being is I got a black screen when opening a page from the bookmarks widget and would have to hit the tabs button to make it show what I was trying to open.

Hitting "Settings" causes a CTD . Response from Google was that it doesn't support custom ROMs so for me it's pretty pointless given that I'm running CM10.1

I will never understand why tabs don't work like they should in chrome.

Ie. Go to the desktop version of and you can't highlight the tabs without being sent directly to the link.


Anyone know why?

Loving Chrome Beta on my Nexus 4, just so fast and smooth with personally, very few if any problems for me. It is almost as good on my Galaxy Nexus, but as stated earlier not as quick or smooth on my Nexus 7.

I accept that these are works in progress so looking forward to my favourite browser getting even better (would appreciate text re-flow on Chrome)

I fully expected to have some issues with my Galaxy Note 2. I keep the non-beta Chrome installed and ready, just in case, but I've had zero issues with the beta. I wish all release candidate software was this smooth :)

It's been running great for me. A slight bit of lag on some pages, but scrolling is SO MUCH NICER now. Keep up the good work.

AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2 (I777 - not the Skyrocket) running latest CM10.1 nightlies

Swiping between tabs on my nexus 7 causes the pages to reload each time.
And still no option to close all tabs at once on the nexus 7 :-(

Got Chrome Beta running on a HTC One X and a Nexus 7, runs OK with the only issue being unable to post comments on photos and friends postings (Chrome are aware of this) and still no home button next to the refresh page button. Apart from that not bad at all. :-)

I'm running the Chrome Beta on my HTC Vivid and Google Nexus 7 and they both seem to be working fine. The beta on my HTC is in fullscreen mode which is nice but I have to scroll to the top of pages to see my notifications and what not.

I have been struggling with chrome on my nexus 7. I use it on my desktop and love it, but for now, I'm switching to Dolphin. I have problems that appear to be network related (slow downs specifically), but other devices on the network have no problem (except for other Nexus 7 devices using Chrome). Also, I have problems when interacting with webpages. For example, when selecting a drop down arrow. Not always, but enough to encourage me to try something else.