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At the annual IFA Global Press Conference today, home appliances manufacturer BSH pulled the wraps off its new connected home solution. Home Connect brings connectivity to the appliances in your home to smartphones and tablets, but perhaps more importantly it will be an open standard. This means that Home Connect will be compatible with multiple different brands, and it will be run as a separate company.

While not discussing specifically which appliances would be launching with Home Connect – those will be appearing at the main IFA show in Berlin this September – BSH's, Dr Claudia Häpp, made a point to emphasize that all appliances means all appliances.

Home Connect uses your standard home Wifi connection to bring about its connectivity. When you move away from your Wifi connection, you're still able to tap in via the Home Connect cloud servers to remotely operate the appliances.

Everything that can be done on the actual appliance, can be done from within the confines of the application. Speaking of which, the initial launch at IFA will see the introduction of an iOS app with Android following in early 2015. It won't be region exclusive either, BSH is aiming for a global rollout of Home Connect.

So, since we don't know exactly what we'll be controlling yet, is there anything specific you'd love to be able to do with your home appliances connected to your mobile devices?


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Home Connect from BSH will connect all your appliances to your mobile device


I use a lighting control app, but I'd never try to use an oven, let alone put raw food in it awaiting a start time in the future... My coffee pot, dishwasher, and washing machine all have timers or delays. I don't understand the allure of starting an oven - even to preheat it - if I'm not there.

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To turn it on? No allure. To turn it off? Yes. I for one know the sinking feeling if getting somewhere and thinking.... "wait, did I leave the stove on?"

Good point.
I wouldn't mind a timer notification. Like if I'm out in the yard and leave a pizza in the oven.
Or even an alert if you leave the wifi and the oven is still on

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Just bought a new washer and dryer set, so I've gotten to look into the current state of appliances. Man, what a lot of useless features and *literally* bells-and-whistles. We got the most stripped down washer that was given high marks for, you know cleaning clothing, and it still whistles and chimes at you. Some of the models though, absolutely stupid level of unnecessary features.


A microwave app that let you easily enter the weight and type of food, and how cold it is, and set the microwave accordingly would be cool as all get out.

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