This is either the funniest thing you'll see today -- or it's the most offensive. But every so often an internet video goes so viral that the rest of the world simply cannot ignore it. And sometimes the stars, or subjects of these videos become so popular and so recognized, that they're launched into a some minor realm of celebrity status.  And that's exactly what has happened to Antoine Dodson.

Cautious parents will get what might be their first introduction to Augmented Reality with Sex Offender Tracker.  Published four days ago to the Android market, Sex Offender Tracker uses your device's camera, and GPS in conjunction with the compass to provide you with real-time data about your surroundings, and in this case, the residence of sex offenders.

Although anybody can dig through the online sex offender registry any time of day, some feel this app may be an invasion of privacy, saying this app makes it much too easy to locate the names and homes of registered sex offenders. Then there's the $1.99 price tag, which will put off a bunch of you, we know.

Watch Antoine Dodson do his thing, and get download links, after the jump. [via BGR]



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Hide yo kids - hide yo wives -- Antoine DodsonSex Offender Tracker app


AMAZING. If you've seen the originals and Antoine is close to your heart, then you'll love this. I'm not worried about sex offenders, but bought the app to support him!

There was another app that did the same thing last year or so. I believe they got stopped/shut down not because a non-existent "invasion of privacy", but because they charged for the app that is free. I wonder if this will happen here too?

A friend of mine just posted this on Facebook. Here's my legal question. If the guy that tried to rape his sister came forward would he be able to get some of the $ since he actually started this phenomenon? Of course he wouldnt be able to spend it until he got out of jail but is some of the $ his?

not a lawyer, but I'm pretty sure you're not allowed to profit from the commission of a crime. Any proceeds the attempted rapist gets would likely go to the victim.

As for the question about paying for free information, I can't find Antoine pointing out the locations of known sex offenders anywhere on the web. let alone free. You're not paying for the raw data, you're paying for the application built around it, just like a weather widget.

I know that the info is free to the public but to have it easily accessible on your phone in an app there should be no reason not to charge. If you don't want to pay then go to the site.

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It's 2010... who uses the word "fag" anymore? I would call the poster juvenile, but most kids are far more tolerant than that these days.

I believe the term these days should be effeminate, no?

Still.... I think this sort of apps does invade on the sex offenders privacy. I sure hope someone does get hurt from the sale of this app.

Maybe it's just me, but if a sex offender is living in an igloo on the side of a mountain I think that he's already admitted defeat.

Can't we just leave Pedobear alone already?

Well remember that you can test the App out for 24 hours and have your $1.99 refunded back to you if it sucks.

Just downloaded it and its pretty interesting. It will give the name, picture, address, distance from you and what the offense was of the sex-offender. Now to try this with the camera option.

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