Step into the light

Remember when we were giving away five of those killer neon desk lamps shaped like bugdroid last week? Today's the day we announce the winners of what's probably the coolest thing you'll have in your house. After much deliberation the king of the Sea-Monkeys I keep in a Mason jar on the window sill has given me our winners, and here they are. Not really, we use a random number generator, but how cool would it be to have a talking Sea-Monkey king like the one on the box? Anyways, here's your winners.

Congrats ladies and/or gents, keep an eye on the inbox of the e-mail account you used to register for Android Central, because Michelle will be contacting you shortly about redeeming your prize. Let's all congratulate these fine folks, and get ready for the next contest from your pals at AC.

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GC736 says:

Congrats to the winners!

jb calhoun says:

CRAP!!! how did i miss this! lol

sharkknuckle says:

Congrats on winning guys!

mitchstehlin says:

word I wanted one for my man cave and you give it to the dude to put it in his "family members" man cave.. -____-

randall2580 says:

Too Cool! Congrats to the winners!

cyanogen-man says:

Aww I wanted it for my nephews first night light oh well congrads

SeaMonkeys are still awesome despite not talking.

keilflex says:

Contest number, idk, hundred something. Sometimes towards the first entry and sometimes way in back. Never a win. Dang generator. Lol Werd to the winners.

prissysox says:

Yay! I never win anything and this just made my day brighter!! (Pun wasn't originally intended)

gimpy_hb says:

Congrats wieners

dakid2k6 says:

Congrats winners.

Congo Rats!


JEvoUser says:

Congrats winners.... Maybe I'll get lucky next time. :-)

When's the neon Apple give away, Jerry??

Cap_172R says:

congrats to all the lucky winners!

justmiles says:

Awesome! Thanks Android Central!