200 invitations won't last long, so if you're interested grab one quickly!

The good people at have been trying something new by offering limited, invitation-only free tier accounts. It's a great way to try out the services has to offer, like the Twitter-style social blogging, cloud storage, and messaging services before they decide to spend any money. Everyone likes to try before they buy, and it leads to more satisfied customers who know what to expect. It's a great idea, but invites aren't exactly the easiest thing to get.

We can alleviate that a little bit, as ADN has reached out to us and given us 200 invites to hand out. They know readers of sites like Android Central are the type who want to try out these sort of services, and can provide feedback to make everything as good as it can be. 200 invites won't last long, though, so if you're interested you'll need to jump on it.

Update: The first 200 went quickly, so here's 200 more from the fine folks at!

Join from AndroidCentral

If you use the invitation, you'll be automatically following Android Central, so you'll have some content in your stream while you look for others to follow and talk with. You don't have to keep following us though, there are no strings attached here.

This is a great way to try out the service, so be sure to give it a look. We'll see you there!

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Got it! Thank you so much. Been wanting to try Appnet for some time now.

Rancid88 says:

Thanks for the Invites Guys

Jeff Siegel says:

Thanks / got in as Alpha (I'm assuming this meens I got 'accepted'.)

swindelljd says:

Thanks AC! I've heard Rene Ritchie mention a bunch on Iterate and have been wanting to try it out.


Check your PM :-).

Posting the link gets flagged for spam :-(.

Can you send me the same link?

delldude405 says:

I got mine.

joshua.worth says:

How long does this last before we have to pay @gbhil ?

gone already. damn

deadlock4400 says:

@Jerry Hildenbrand

Thanks for the invitation.

yeah i joined

Thanks in advance

SpookDroid says:

Yup, they're all gone now...

moosc says:

Yep already gone the trolls got them all

bangishotyou says:

Seems like it. That didn't even last 45 minutes.

mstrblueskys says:

Missed it! Rats.

Damn! Can't believe I'd missed this. And to think I was thinking about checking AC during class earlier.

Gone already :-(

Yes please!.

So excited I got one for the second round. Thanks AC!

yay... thank you so much... @trickedoutdavid at your service

loooney2ns says:

Got one this time. Thanks!

Hatshepsut says:


Zlateway says:

Thanks for the invite! :)

Joe1136 says:

Thanks i got it.

Be sure to try out Tweet Lanes. We're free and support now. Send @tweetlanes a message on (or Twitter for that matter) a message if you have any suggestions or improvements. We might be able to hook y'all up with a few invites too, if you ask nicely.

moosc says:

Got in second round glad I checked back in. Thanks AC

Aimperial says:


Lodingi says:

Me please.

PM'd you an invite. Enjoy!

jscarano says:

This promo code is no longer valid. :-(

PM'd you an invite ;)

Dang missed both batches... pesky work

Techngro says:

Awww maaan!

This is what I get for working two jobs to put food on the table for mother and child.

sniffle...sniffle :(

Sniffle no longer, check your PMs. =)

Techngro says:

Thanks a lot bro. Appreciate it.

Marmap says:

Same here, missed it (halfway through the working day, here!) but still curious about what has to offer!

Sent you my last one via PM. Enjoy!

ispanish says:

I hope to get an invitation please!

I'm fresh out! If you (or anyone else) wants one, send me a PM. I usually get a fresh batch every day or so.

Check your forum Private Messages =)

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kalcc says:

Missed it :(

Deolarte says:

missed it again, damn flipboard, not refreshing.

Amine Bou says:

No! I missed it both times! Can I have an invite please?!

Amine Bou says:

No! I missed it both times! Can I have an invite please?!

Bert336 says:

my clicking finger is not fast enough, i didnt get in :(

Spork1673 says:

i bet the trolls got 180 of them :(

Marc11218 says:

No longer works. Man these invites go at warp 10 that no one else gets a chance. :(

McPlot says:

Gone already

Jacques says:

Dang it, I missed the boat...twice! :(

TheFreeJuan says:

Thank you for providing these. To show you how grateful I am, I was on the verge of getting a cheapo Lumia 521 phone for my TMo account. Now I'm just going to switch to a Nexus 4! Once again, thank you for the invite.

I've still got ~15 invites left. Send me a PM in the forums and I can hook you up.