Welcome to 2011, everybody! Thanks for making us the biggest and best Android blog of 2010 -- and things are only going to get better in the new year, starting with some major Android news coming out of CES next week. We'll be there, of course, and it's just a start of things to come. Salud, everyone, and welcome to 2011! -- Phil and the gang


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Happy New Year, everybody!


Hard to believe another year's gone by...hopefully at this time next year I'm typing on my high-end Android device on ATT (Wait, what's with that? Hopefully I'm doing that by the end of February when I go on vacation!!)

Happy new year to Lloyd and the Android Central team!!!!. I barely post but Android Central has been my #1 STOP for anything android. I stepped into the world of droid the day the incredible dropped and still have the same phone but its now rocking Skyraider and enjoying in the wonder that is rooting thanks to you guys. When anyone asks me why I know so much about android I tell them its because of ANDROID CENTRAL.

Want to wish everyone & android central a very blessed & beautiful 2011. You all truly make this site very special & interesting. To Google & Android, keep the pedal to the metal in the world of innovation ;)

Feliz año nuevo. Q el señor me los encierre en una jaula con carmen electra y bote la llave.

Happy new year. May god put u on a cage with carmen electra and throw the key away.


Feliz año nuevo a ti también, evoss05. ¿Eres latino o español? ¡Salud!

Happy New Year everyone! Next year should be a great one for Android and Android phones.

Feliz año nuevo cabrones!!!! Que se la pasen bien chingon!!! Viva android central and droid x!!!!

Happy new year peeps!!! May all you be blessed with a wonderful year this!!!! Big ups to android central and droid x!!!!!

Happy new year all. As mentioned before, I've become android literate thanks to the incredible due diligence of the AC staff. You all are second to none. Cheers

More grease to your elbows 'Phil & The Gang' - you make such a difference: wishing above all things great health and success in all your endeavors. Cheers!

Happy New Years 2011 everyone! This is my favorite tech site and forum and I let all my friends know about it also. Keep up the good work Android Central!