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Awesome. Nicely done, Googlers!


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Happy Holidays from Building 44


Awesome video! I bet that piano was controlled using those Android hubs haha.
Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to all!

Nice video.. Hurry up with the holidays so we can get our NS4G official ICS release .. :)

Custom ROMs are awesome currently but I still want to see that official OTA for the NS4G....

Merry X-Mas, Google and all here reading this...

Paul627g, Android Central (Adviser, Epic 4g/NS4G forums)

The biggest problem with custom roms are they run on old drivers.

The official roms run on actual drivers intended for that rom. Once an official rom launched, the drivers can be packaged with custom roms and they tend to get a lot better.

building 44 sounds like a super secret government facility where they hide forbidden stuffs or do forbidden experiments. it's right next to warehouse 13 located in area 51?