The Hangouts app gets a speed boost on some phones

The Hangouts app has been updated, and though we don't have a change log as of yet, long-time reader Ben has the update and can tell us a little about what to expect.

On his Galaxy Nexus, he notices a big improvement in speed, and there are more emojis for the folks who like to add a little flair to their messages. Other than that, there seems to be no user-facing changes, but we'll wager a guess that there are bug fixes and stability improvements in there, too.

The new version is, and is doing the usual gradual rollout thing. Keep an eye on your Google Play notifications to know when it's your turn. In the meantime, you can constantly spam-click the Google play link above like we are and see when Google gets around to updating the change log.

Thanks, Ben!


Reader comments

Hangouts app gets updated in Google Play


All these stupid updates and yet no online status indicator . the most wanted feature is still missing in action.

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i would argue otherwise. why would i want a picturebook for IM list and also why would I want to message someone who may be away, sleeping or busy? all will show similar if the picture color trick thing is even working...

That and simple voice chat, without face chat.
Also can we please lose those 6 giant pictures? Waste of space.

yeah i think voice chat is up there with detailed status list (sorted by status). i think if they add correct Status list sorted by availability, voice chat and SMS support, this would be the best :-)

it is mainly 50-50 on availability and SMS. people (at least like me) want list with detailed status like in talk - as MUST, with SMS as GOOD TO HAVE :-)

I still refuse to update it from talk again until there is a way to sort by online contacts and an status indicator added back.

I'm glad I chose to update it in Gmail before I updated it on my phone to learn they got rid of status indicators. I can deal with them not being there in Gmail because I can just switch to a dedicated IM app. Could still do the same thing on my phone, but why when Talk works just fine?

Lmao "ain't happening" yet if you check the permissions its clearly right there, just waiting for the update. Unless your post needed a "/s".

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Well then this app is dead to me. I need GV and SMS integration. This app doesn't do any of this. Most of the people I know will not get this since they are on other platforms (imessage). So I wanted an app like that and was hoping that hangouts was it. Sadly in its current state it's not.

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You know a person is online when their picture is in full color. If it's a little faded, their not! When you send a message .. you know their looking when their pic is in full color under the message. It appears these apps need instructions for some people.

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already tried. that feature does not work on mobile app - works perfectly fine for Desktop version. Already tested with my colleagues - all versions of hangout... not to mention - the status looks the same if you are available (screen on) or when you are away (screen off). no custom status either...

I think you're interpreting the feature wrong. The picture only lights up in full color when the person is reading the message. It's not the same thing as when a person is online.

Posted from the AC app

Point is, it's cumbersome to interpret. These things (status) should not be cumbersome in 2013. It should clear and easy to interpret and not require the comparison of one profile pic against another to see if one is more faded than to other.

+1 @SPRTUSR. Also the picture thing does not always work. not to mention not everyone i IM has picture posted there. also, picture bright - is same regardless if online, away or busy- i don;t like that and many dont either. they dont want to message when someone is away or busy (sleeping etc)

No SMS integration yet. This is one feature I'm really waiting for. Until then, it doesn't hold much use for me.

Posted from my Galaxy S4 via Android Central App

Hey Mr intelligent Mr pesh
You think I have not exdplored that? Even Google had acknowledged that the picture test is not full proof
What if they do not have picture posted to figure account
I have tested every release of hangout app with my colleagues and on various versions of talk and hangout. It just s not work for mobile app
For desktop so different story. It works correctly there

Oh and by the way. The full color even in picture is as such when their screen is on I.e. they are available or when their screen is if I.e. when they are away. Not the same thing

Well I guess your pea brain does not understand it..
A basic status indicator has been around since ICQ and it IS helpful. If you think I am the only one who does not like new update from Talk to Hangout - you should read the comments to the app - most are 1 star ratings..

Read your own post and tell me it makes a lick of sense. It doesn't. A typo is one thing. Being incomprehensible is another.

i will interpret it for you
==> The full color even "when" picture is "working" as such
-- "" indicate typos - my bad there...
==> when their screen is on I.e. they are available or when their screen is "off" I.e. when they are away.
==> suggests online indicator even if working in reference to so called brightness of picture - is same regardless you are truly online, away or busy

Pardon me if I got mad at your comment - but your reference to using Google translate to make sense of my comment - was quite provoking as well... all those typos resulted due to me using my phone to type while watching TV :-D


Look, I know it's Google and they can work on more than one thing at once but this app is pretty useless for its intended purpose (one messaging app to rule them all) without SMS support. Google needs to roll this out sooner than later. I haven't even opened Hangouts in over a month because it's unreliable (messages will not be delivered until I open the app) and hardly anyone I know uses it.

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Agree on the unreliable point. My dad sent me an emergency message and I didn't receive it until I open the appear several days later.

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the full color/green bar under contact, that feature does not work on mobile app - works perfectly fine for Desktop version. Already tested with my colleagues - all versions of hangout... not to mention - the status looks the same if you are available (screen on) or when you are away (screen off). no custom status either...
online status indicators are quite helpful. sort of the list by that status also very helpful. Why would I want to message someone who might be asleep??

I'll stick with good old gtalk that has a nice green dot to tell me when people are on.

I'm annoyed that Google insults our intelligence and thinks we apparently can't read so now they've given us a picture book.

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I equate this app to useless paper weight that should be a the bottom of the ocean.... They can do so much better

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Wiith MMS would be a huge plus. Not even so for sending pics but because I deal with iMessage group texts.

I just hope the scroll issue gets fixed in my case. That is all I am asking for. Simple.

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When sending messages on my device...the latest sent message does not show unless I manually scroll up to it. The message I can see naturally above my compose box is the second to last message sent. Very annoying. It's like the automatic scroll up to the latest message I send is messed up.

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I find the biggest issue with the app is the speed, or lack thereof. Sounds like this update may help that (whenever I get it..) and as far as if people show online or not, doesn't matter to me as they will reply whenever they reply any ways.

Agreed. If someone is busy they will reply when they are free. Doesn't really bother me if I can't tell what their online status is.

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Availability and statuses aren't a huge make it or break it for me either. I'm more happy that read/unread was added and in a very intuitive way. Especially while in a group chat you can see who's caught up and who isn't.

Don't know if it is related but I was having problems with Google Now voice activation and after the update it is now working.

This app still needs GV and SMS support, voice-only calls, ability to send videos (preferably any file), and higher res picture sending. Then it will be the perfect messaging app for me.

They are high res pics. Check Google+ photos in the Hangout. It's just that the app won't let use zoom in.

Name an app that integrates all of the things Hangouts has been said to be adding....... There isn't one. You guys are all ripping on what's missing now, but imagine if Google released some of the features your are talking about like SMS and GV. If they don't work seamlessly, and every time you will be lambasting Google for screwing it up. I want to see SMS, MMS, voice calling with GV, and all of the things that Hangouts already has like Group messaging, pics, videos, links, and emoji support. However, I don't want an update where it only works sometimes or is wonky. There are clearly issues with Hangouts, and I know that Google is working to fix them and deliver the other features too. If it was easy, someone else would have figured it out already. A universal communication app could change they way, with whom, and how we communicate with the world. Let's give Google the time it needs to make Hangouts work correctly.

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@Hummer645 - I'm a week late reading this post, apologies.

The app that did it all is/was Blackberry Messenger, before Blackberry died that is.

Agreed on giving Google the time needed in order to perfect the app. I'm certain they will add all the features people want in time. There's nothing more frustrating than a new app, interface or os that doesn't work properly. I've had countless issues with my other device (ios) and their fixes are slow to come. I give Android/Google props for not rolling out something before it's properly tested.

Sounds like a great update. Too bad my phone hasn't gotten it yet. Ugh, I hate these staged rollouts.
Anybody have the apk?

I would like to see all the feathers everyone is clamoring for as well. However, more importantly, I would like to see the features that are in there now (like status) to actually work on my phone. The only other thing I want to see is some sort of filtering for contacts. I have people on my G+ circles that I do NOT and probably never will converse with 1:1. Just because I am following them on G+ or have them in a circle, does not mean I want them to show up in my contacts in Hangouts. There needs to be a better user controlled filter in there.

I've noticed I can once again connect voice and video calls over cellular on AT&T, something I lost in the transition from Talk.

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