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As we all know the BlackBerry PlayBook (which just got rooted and can now access the Android market) will be receiving a large update in February 2012, which will add an Android App Player to it. Many wondered how many applications would be initially available for downloading, and it seems as though the folks at Handster will be putting forth quite some effort on this.

Our good friends at received an e-mail that said the folks at Handster will be doing the work for the Android developers, converting their applications, submitting them, etc and all the developer needs to do is supply them with a properly sized App World icon. In fact, its been suggested over 7,000 Android apps have been in testing on RIM employee PlayBooks for quite some time now. While all the questions have yet to be answered about the service, this is definitely a great starting place for getting Android applications on the BlackBerry PlayBook.

Source: CrackBerry


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Handster Android App Market will begin submitting Android applications to BlackBerry App World on developers' behalf


If these BBX phones are supposed to be anything like the playbook, then Blackberry just lost all of its American market shares.

Why buy a Blackberry to get access to Android when you can buy a pimped out Android device with offical updates.