Bump contact-sharing app for Android

See here! There's the Bump contact-sharing Android application. And it's just like it sounds: Bump your phone against another with the app, and it shares the info. Oh, and see that iPhone cowering in the corner? It's there for a reason. You can now Bump from one platform to another, which has to be some crime against nature, right? Check it out after the break.


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Hands-on with the Bump contact-sharing app for Android [#io2010]


Ummm....Bump for Android has been around for a long, long time now. I've been bumpin with iPhones since atleast November/December

I mean really, its old enough to the point now where its not even cool anymore lol

The first link in the report goes to the Nov 2009 post announcing it as new. This is just a review of the app at IO2010.

You can't bump on a Sprint Hero because you cannot select your contact card. It doesn't appear on the list in Bump.

??? I successfully did it on my hero months ago. Haven't tried recently as I don't have anyone to bump with. Maybe you should try creating a contact in the settings, if I remember, thats what I did to get it to work.

That's what I did originally but after installing leaked 2.1, I decided I didn't want myself as a contact. I don't know, something about schizophrenia... :)

Bump not only shares *your* contact information, but can also share photos, other contacts, even applications (apps probably not across platforms)! This was the second app I downloaded when I got my Incredible (after Layar).

I ended up downloading Hoccer as well. These guys need to team up to offer the best of both apps.

Bump pros: share apps, cross platform contact sharing
Bump cons: can't share music or any other content

Hoccer pros: share music, bookmarks, ringtones, text, tons of other files
Hoccer cons: can't share apps

I agree it's a cool app and you're right, they should get with Hoccer.

However, the first thing Bump asks me for is to select my contact card from the list of contacts. But my contact card doesn't appear (I have a hero) and it won't let you continue until you select someone or create a new contact.

So I cannot use Bump for it's other cool sharing features.

I think that the open APIs of this idea is where the coolness lies. The pending paypal integration is an awesome idea. Maybe this can become a standard payment method. Much better than the stupid Visa integrated shell idea.

Works great between my Droid Incredible and my wife Droid Eris ! Pics and all ! Great app !!!

I like Bumb but there are still a few caveats, as I see them... when you share apps, you're not really transferring the actual app from my phone to another phone.. I tried to transfer an app that I didn't get from the Market from my Moto Droid to another Moto Droid and we kept getting the message that the app could not be found. I'm guessing this means it gets the app from the market and downloads it to the new phone...

Also, when I bumb with my wife's phone, the message gives her name as someone else, someone in her Contacts list.