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Rather than winking to take a photo, Google Glass owners can now command their connected eyewear to snap a shot by thinking it. Using brainwave mapping and the MindRDR software, Google Glass owners can pair their devices to a Neurosky EEG biosensor that would pick up their electroencephalography or EEG brainwaves.

The hardware cost of the biosensor is another $80 on top of Glass' $1,500 asking price, and to accomplish this task Google Glass owners would have to wear yet another contraption on their heads; the software is free from London-based startup This Place.

That said, Google so far is saying that it doesn't support the app and that the application itself isn't in the Glass app store.

The way that the app works is that the software monitors high levels of concentration from Neurosky's sensor. In the Google Glass screen, a user will see a box with a window, and as concentration is increased, a white line will rise towards the top. Once the line reaches the top, a photo is captured with Google Glass' camera.

This is just one area how EEG can be paired with Glass to create a whole new interaction with technology. What do you hope to see next for Glass when paired with EEG tech?

Source: This Place via: BBC


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Hack Google Glass to let your brain control it


I'd never get anything done! All the time is the perfect time! Might as well surgically attach my hands now.

That's exactly what went through my head while reading this! Too bad I have ADHD and have the attention span of a squir-- oh look a penny!

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Now all I need is to be able to hack my head and maybe add some expandable memory as what I currently have is way to slow and the indexing system appears to be truly terrible.