New Android Market

You might have heard that Google was rolling out a new Android Market, complete with book and movie rentals.  You also might have heard it would coming in the next few weeks.  Well thanks to an anonymous source (possibly with a time machine) you can grab it today.

Hit the download link, and install it from your SD card like any other app.  Fair warning -- we don't know if there will be any complications from doing this, but we haven't seen any so far.  Use your best judgement.  Discuss it in the forums!

Download: New Android Market


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Grab the new Android Market app while it's hot


Also enjoying the staff picks - couldn't agree more about the busy-ness on the home page. At least there's a little bit more eye candy than we've become accustomed to with Android though.

In my opinion this is a clear nod to what we can expect from the updated Ice Cream Sandwich UI. More side to side swiping (just like the new Music Beta app). Pretty slick implementation of that. Interesting that blue is the selection highlight color now instead of Android orange...

The update seems pretty phone-only, for what it's worth. I installed it on my 10.1 with hopes it would allow me to grab the Videos app, but it doesn't seem like it's formatting right. It let me revert to the factory-version of the market with no trouble, though.

Oh damn, I didn't expect it to be available so quickly! Gonna try it out now. :D

EDIT: It installed fine on my Samsung Fascinate. So far, I'm loving the way everything looks! The big pictures of games, movies, etc really grab your attention, and makes you want to click on 'em.

I think I'll wait for the official push. I'd rather buy from Amazon or B&N and be able to read anywhere, and no need to rent movies right now and if I really wanted to there's blockbuster, and netflix, and crackle. No reason to risk screwing anything up. I'll follow along though to see how it goes.

Downloading seems to be more reliable. For example, I don't have to click update a thousand times for an app to actually update.

installed on my vibrant running 2.3.4 but when trying to open the movies section it gives an error message :-( oh well, i'll stick with netflix.

edit: ok nvm on that movies error, just tried now and it opened! yay!

Cool. Just downloaded and updated google shopper just fine. It also appears to allow for using more than one Gmail account.

Motorola Droid Pro CyanogenMod 7

It works on my Droid X. Saw a post that it did not work, but it seems fine after a few more minutes of playing around with it.

Yup...let them keep this market update and just give me GB. Will be a happier camper with that scenario..

Everything else on Google is going cleaner route but this things seems a lot busy.. homepage needs to be cleaner than this.. Its rare when I don't love something new from Google.

Installed on the Dinc, Inspire, and DX. Movies is only showing up on the Dinc though. Thanks for the link Jer!

On all 3 devices I downloaded com.andorid.vending-1.apk , not sure why movies didnt work on 2 of the devices but my guess is that its device specific.

What ever agreement Google has with VZ/Moto that pushes every single tablet-related update arbitrarily to the XOOM first and then everything else "in the coming weeks" is getting pretty old.

A little buggy (get it, Bug Village) on my GTab 10.1? I see no movies section at all? Most of my boxes (large) are mostly gray. Some with small photo's, some with large. When I tap on an app., or a book, the page changes, and the header freak's out, and flickers.

Anyone notice that the apps downloaded from the Amazon App store are now showing installed in the Android Market?

I was able to install it on my rooted Sprint Hero with CM7.1 and it works fine, so good that it runs faster than the previous one!!!

That is an easy one. Find your receipt and the box it came in and return it. Tell them that your made a mistake and purchased a "Smart phone" and you are interested in a "feature phone".

Ok... so I have downloaded it to my SD Card. Now what? How do I get to it on the card and then installed? All I can figure out is to view it via the Browse feature on QuickOffice.. which of course will get me no where. LG G2x...

Downloaded it on my laptop and then emailed it to myself on my G2X. Installed it and it works perfectly! Love the way it looks and all the new features

I like the way it looks, and you can definitely see more than a little bit of Metro/WinPhone7 influence in the design. But some screens, like the main screen and the individual app listings, are way too busy. I hope this isn't a final release, it could use a bit more tweaking.

It is interesting to note that reviews don't seem to be sorted by newest to oldest anymore.

I'm able to download, install and open the market but everytime I try and download an app, it says I have insufficient space on my Captivate w/ Apex 7.2. I would sometimes get that with the old market but a reopening of the market or phone reboot would make it work. I don't have it installing to a non-existent SD card...

I'm not sure I like it.... At a quick glance it looks like a mess of adds. I didn't like the last update at first either, but it grew on me. So maybe I should stop whining and just go with the google flow!! Works great though so far. Nexus one w/cm7.

This is amazing on my Inspire 4G. It needs more tweaks here and there but considering that this is kind of like a pre-release it is well made. Thanks Guys!

I downloaded it on my droidx. But where is it. There is a bunch of folders under market something, but nothing to install. I wish they would include directions. Any help would be appreciated.

That is an easy one. Find your receipt and the box it came in and return it to your provider. Tell them that you made a mistake and purchased a "Smart phone" and it doesn't fit your style,and you are interested in a "feature phone".

Worked on my Nook Color! Tried out Movies but unfortunately it says it won't play movies on rooted devices.

Wonder if you can install CM7 and then unroot?

Yeah I like how they will take our money if we are rooted but won't let us actually watch the rented movies! WTF Google? Don't take our money first then say oh wait you are rooted sucks for you!

menu- settings- applications- manage applications- downloaded apps Look for the android market, select and in the upper right hand corner it should say "uninstall updates"

I have it downloaded but I'm unsure whether I want to install it yet or not. Thinking about waiting it out till I get the push... It shouldn't be too long... Any opinions?

Downloaded from Web on my OG Droid (unrooted). Opened download and installed, no problems at all. Working fine, first impression is home screen is way too busy. Updates were quicker and took less steps.

Hey guys here's, an apk I picked up from one of the other forums:
I have it running on my xoom as well as on my rooted evo. In a word? Sweet!

Yuk! This is ugly. Looks too much like they hired a WM UI designer. Looks WAY to much like a windows mobile application.

Worked on my Optimus. Love the look of it and glad it finally got an update. However I do like the white and green of the old market.

I get the error message on the Android Market stating, "This app is incompatible with all of your devices." My device is a EVO 4G 2.3.3. REALLY!?!?!

So I downloaded onto my Atrix and Xoom, but I'm curious as to if there is any difference between renting movies from the market app and the movie app.

Awesome to have something else that has proven so much better ever since Google came out with G+, their Android system gets the same treatment. All I have to say is "what's up Apple?" The best thing above all this with my EVO 4G, is that I have HDMI to shoot it straight onto my big screen. Not Blue Ray quality, but DAMN it's still soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooood.

I tried to install this but it warned me that this would save over my original market. Can anyone tell me how to get my original market back if I don't like this?

Google Play is just another example of jerks trying to monopolize the market. As Amityi1 says, it removes any competition on your phone, and it only works on tabs/phones that have paid the baksheesh for inclusion in their market. Intellectually bankrupt already, the android market is now becoming more and more reliant on coercive marketing tactics to funnel your cash to the vendors that THEY choose for you.