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Not sure which is more telling -- having the federal government shut down, or having an app that brings you the latest news and status of the shutdown. But, of course, there's an app for that. It pulls in news and pulls up the U.S. Office of Personnel Management's Operating Status and Schedules page, telling federal employees whether they have to report to work.

Of course, a 99-cent app that aggregates free news and merely pulls up a web page you can see anytime in a browser -- again, for free -- is a bit, well, as ridiculous as the government having to shut down in the first place. Anyhoo, links are after the break. Thanks, Dave.


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Government shut down? There's an Android app for that, sadly enough


It's both parties being ass hats and cannot join in the middle. I am right wing'd by nature. But it's both parties. They are equally as corrupt.

yah your right we were too busy trying to get more rights for the people and trying to pass Obamacare to help the middle class out. yeah stay classy there kiddo.

healthcare is not a right, it's a privilege. That middle class thing? I think you mean the lower underbelly of America that leeches off our system and our tax dollars , not the middle class. The middle class are the ones getting the shaft.

For real bro. It boggles my mind that there are still sheep out there that are gullible enough to follow these ridiculous political parties and actually think these people stand for any values other then lining their own pockets.

Hey PHil you better be careful using the phrase "there's an app for..." other wise you might find yourself being sued by apple. (note to steve: I didn't use the whole phrase, so I'm good!"

99 cents for an app that OPM should have created in the first place, based on how the majority of people consume information, is a brilliant idea.

Yes, you can obviously go to OPM and get the information but I seriously doubt any Fed employee is going to plant themselves in front of their compy and pine for OPM to notify them. F5. F5. F5...

I think federal employees will figure out whether or not they need to report to work without the app. And you really think it's brilliant to pay a buck for something you can get the same functionality from through your phone's browser? Who says you need to hang out in front of your compy? Better idea: put a bookmark on your home screen if it's that important.

I'm a govt employee and if someone happened to start an uprising I wouldn't argue lol. As for the who made this and is charging for something people should be directed to for free, you belong in politics.

Really someone blaming the republicans for last years budget last I checked the dems had the house and senate could have passed it without republicans last year. There you see how far left some dems are on not blaming themselves. Now us military have to pay cause we wont get paid if govt shuts down. Its not like we can't go to work if we don't get paid. Just got to love working and no pay! But sorry just a rant on a stupid comment. This article should be deleted gonna bring a political argument here and I love this site for android not politics

The Dems don't appreciate you, but I do. Afterall, it was because of an 'over-inflated military' and no budget for the past 2 years that are about to cause you and the rest of the 'non-exempt' sectors of the government to shutdown and cause the families of our military to suffer. Thanks for your service though. I appreciate it every day.

Seriously? We did not have a supermajority in the Senate which apparently is required to get anything done considering R's have no ability to compromise. So no, we did need republican votes.

Thankfully for you and the rest of the military the govt did not get shut down but make sure you don't unfairly point fingers.