Your call, really.

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Simon Sage says:

Awesome, but I don't get why GSP is going by Dr. Paul. I'm sure there's a good reason. 

Taknarosh says:

The only reason I can see GSP in this video is that he somehow knows the video's producer Patrick Boivin (both Quebecers).

Can figure out the Dr. Paul part though...

jean15paul says:

GSP wouldn't be doing an unboxing. He was playing the roll of a made up character for Google.

n0obpr0 says:

hahhaa nice!

Heisenberg says:

The hell was that?

ljredeye says:

Same here.

typhon62 says:

forever29, I 2nd that, what the hell?

chough says:

I will open mine in the garage. wow

travo1978 says:

Hmmm. Not really sure what to say about that. I'm a huge UFC fan and a huge Android fan so I guess it's pretty cool.

jfs101 says:

Nexus 7, so easy to use that even a a beaten-up ninja can use it!

nemesys23 says:

That was awesome.

eljedo says:

what. the. hell? that was so far from funny or quirky or anything else but weird. why the f*** did he put it down his pants? there were so many things wrong with that I wish I could unwatch it.

Mapex says:

That was awesome. More unboxing videos need to be like this. I'm going to start a Kickstarter to get Phil a pair of nunchuks! Who's going to help fund it?

Fadakar says:

Right? I thought it was awesome. So many people are bitching about the dumbest things. This is the vibe I get from these neckbeards.

jean15paul says:

Best. Unboxing. Ever.

NickA says:

Agreed. All unboxings should be like that. How about putting on your Ninja suit Phil??

Canadians' love two things Hockey and GSP. Google, you are an advertising genius. All of Canada will have a Nexus 7 just because this commercial...lmaf

StuartV says:

Well, I didn't want one before, but NOW I do... LOL!

Wicket says:

so full of awesome!

bjn714 says:

Not the strangest unboxing video I have seen today...

No interactive features like previous ninja unboxings... The one where you could beat up the comments section with nunchucks was the best.

mazzmoney95 says:

If i was him I would have just given them the tablet. A $200 tablet isnt worth $1000 in damage :)

joshua.worth says:


Hand_O_Death says:

Sooo. Open it outside when it comes. Gotcha.

tomh1979 says:

Picked none up at GameStop today.

JobiWan144 says:

Certainly not a traditional unboxing video. It's off the wall, funny, unconventional (like I said) other words, Googley.