Ivy Ross, the new Head of Glass at GoogleX

Following the departure of Adrian Wong, the lead engineer on Google Glass, Google has brought on a new head for the Glass department that comes from a very different background. Her name is Ivy Ross, and what she doesn't have in engineering experience she more than makes up for with marketing. And let's face it, Glass has had a bit of a problem in the marketing arena, more and more becoming the butt of jokes and the focus of less-than-flattering real life stories.

Ross comes to Google from Art.com, which she described as "at the intersection of design and marketing" (how very Apple of her), but her previous experience includes stints at Calvin Klein, Swatch, Coach, The Gap, Old Navy, and more. She knows marketing, and equally important for something that you're going to strap to your face, she knows fashion.

With all this experience at her back, we're curious how Ross will go about correcting the public image of Glass, especially now that it's available to the general public. Ross perhaps puts best the challenge she and Google face:

"Can technology be something that frees us up and keeps us in the moment, rather than taking us out of it? Can it help us look up and out at the world around us, and the people who share it with us?"

We don't know yet exactly how Ross is going to lead Glass, but she's an interesting hire (and she's already updated her LinkedIn page to be Head of Glass at Google X). If you have five minutes of her time, how would you suggest Glass and Glass marketing be improved?

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Google's new Glass chief has loads of marketing experience, and that's just what Glass needs


I'll be curious to see just how well she polishes the turd.

I think they just need to focus on industry, school and work related use. I doubt it will ever be more than a niche product for general consumers even when it's priced closer to its $100 or so cost to manufacture.

If they ditch the camera acceptance would probably be greater.

ppl may accept the camera if it was 13 MP and had OIS and great in low light.

I don't think i'm helping much huh?

You're argument is irrelevant. Glass is obviously better than 3 $500 computers. Just imagine duct taping those 3 $500 computers to your head. You would look like a dork.
NVM, i see my argument is even more irrelevant.

Do explain how you could control those computers with your voice and wear them anywhere.

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The design and marketing is one thing. But that's not the real problem with Glass. It's the damn camera and the way it's positioned at people. Google should've hired her a long time ago. The damage to Glass's reputation and image is already irreversible ever since the media started posting constant news of Glass victims being beaten up all the time.
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glass has a marketing problem??? really?? JUST glass? instead of googles failure of living up to google+ hype, or the failure of REALLY pushing out hangouts when that can EASILY dominate imessage? ridic.

Brain implants is the answer. ..no wires or glasses protruding, no fashion statement to make...just a little marketing problem and medical clearance to overcome.

Chip me Scotty

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If you have something on your wrist and one in your pocket, do you need one wrapped around your head? I like the implant possibilities.

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I just don't see the average person, teccy or not buying into the whole idea. To repeat what others have said, Glass should focus completely on business - healthcare, law enforcement, any blue light service in fact, science, etc can see within those services Glass offering some really interesting, useful and particle applications.

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>"Glass has had a bit of a problem in the marketing arena, more and more becoming the butt of jokes and the focus of less-than-flattering real life stories."

They can try to "spin" it any way they want and it won't make the basic problems about privacy, rudeness, and safety go away..