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Google continues to put their applications in the Market, which allows for easier updates to be pushed out to users. Car Home is the newest to join the bunch and is now available to download in the Market; with the update comes some much improved features.

Users are now allowed to re-arrange the icons and also have the ability to add other shortcuts to the pages. The four options that are presented to users when they click add shortcut are:

  • Car Applications
  • Other Applications
  • Direct Dial
  • Directions and Navigation

There are now four screens that allow users to fill up Car Mode with everything they'll be needing, so they won't feel tempted to close the app while driving. Other customizable options include the colors of the icons, the wallpaper on the back of the app and a new feature that will automatically start the Bluetooth radio when Car Home is launched. 

It's great that Google is putting these apps in the Market so that we don't have to wait for an OS update to see additional features. Please see more pictures and a link to download the app after the break. Note on installation: When you install it, just open the regular Car Home app if it is already installed on the phone; it acts as simply an update. [Google Mobile Blog via cnet]

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Google's Car Home app updated, now with customization!


Bar Code worked but it is not available in the market. his is a shame that the phones are being segmented in such a way. Android is supposed to be open source, right?

Uninstall via Titanium backup, reboot phone and install again. Car Home will no longer show up in listed programs, but will launch when inserted into the dock.


Can anyone else confirm that attempting to switch dock wallpapers in CM6 results in a force close?

So a blog/forum dedicate to Android devices only failed to vet an app for compatibility prior to posting about it? Jerks :-)

I guess I will have to either wait for a Sense version (if they allow it) or Flash a vanilla Android ROM onto my DINC right?

Yeah I guess but by just saying it's in the App Market makes it confusing to those of us who bypass the content and go straight for the link.....wait....that makes it sound like my fault ;-)

I'd love if this would work on the DX. Only one custom button and only one available screen on the Car Dock UI really are the only issues left unresolved IMHO.

Like prior poster, I am unable to update from the market on CM6 (9/30 nightly on HTC Liberty).

If someone would be kind enough to upload the apk I'd like to try sideloading it.


Is it because of moto or verizon that dx users can't download this? Either way, it's irritating. It's like not being able to download a Microsoft program on your Dell pc.

and it's rubish.. what the crap is the point of a car mode that can't go landscape?! Sense UI is the best looking skin for android and has the best widgets, but there are bits that must be left overs from HTC skinning WinMo that ruin functions of Android that should be there..

On my Nexus One 2.2.1 it didn't say I had an update in the market, I had to search for it and then update it! But it worked....its updated!

No love for the Samsung Fascinate... "No Matches Found" when using the barcode. I found Custom Car Home to be just as useful though. Much better than the stock car dock app and very customizable. Give it a shot.

CM6 NOTE! like most gapps, you have to use titanium backup to uninstall the old gapp to get the update from the market to install. there were two "car home" applications installed so I deleted both and rebooted. the car home from the market now installs but won't open.

haven't looked into it much yet but wanted to give people a heads up.
I'll update once I find out what's causing the issue.

EDIT: it installs from the market but doesn't show up in my app list. "open" is grayed out in the market as well.

Ben Dover.If using launcher pro long press homescreen then add shortcut)>ACTIVITIES >THEN CAR HOME

Thanks for this. I have a HTC Desire which allowed me to download and install from the Market but not to launch the application. This worked a treat :).

The application has been removed from the drawer, but will still launch when inserted into a dock.

Also, the launcherpro idea mentioned above me in this thread works nicely too.

"new feature that will automatically start the Bluetooth radio when Car Home is launched" is incorrect. What it does do is when your android device comes in range with a paired bluetooth device it will automatically launch car home. Although I would prefer it to actually turn on the bluetooth radio as mentioned. I think google needs to add this function. "Custom Car Home" in the market does offer it

I used the link and installed and it's now working on my DINC. Will test it later trying to find the newly opened liquor store near my work.

On the DX it'll work when actually placed in the dock. There is a thread in the DX forum that talked about it and how to get it to work with out the dock.

I found it on AndroidZoom dot com. You can have them send you the download link and it worked fine on my EVO. Best of luck.

Ben Dover.If using launcher pro long press homescreen then add shortcut)>ACTIVITIES >THEN CAR HOME

If anyone with CM6 is having trouble after using Titanium Backup or Root Explorer check this out.

Since the Car Dock acts as a home app, it needs to be launched by its buddy, the Car Dock Launcher. Grab that APK out of the GApps package you installed when you flashed over to CM6

Working great on my Droid. I downloaded an app for this just yesterday and have deleted that one in favor of the google app. Great job.

lol I just realized this, bear with me everything comes to me in time, but google seems to pushing the apps by their devolopers and others to 2.2, choking the market for 2.1 and below of their new awesome a** apps.
I also know of the lack of support by those devices.

2.2 and up were built to have the g apps modular, so it's not that they're intentionally depriving anyone, it's that they would have held all these changes (car home, voice search, etc) until they were ready to push out together in an android 2.3 release.

Finally got this app, same problems as others this morning not being found. I have to say the creator of Custom Car Home has nothing to worry about. This update doesn't allow the existing color of the app or shortcut you select, even though you can color them later. It doesn't allow for four rows like CCH and it can't turn off WiFi when docked like CCH. Also adding your own apps takes FOREVER to bring up the selection screen. Just saying, the creator did a good job.

I got it installed on my DX, but it doesnt have the option to add a direct dial to the screen. Anyone else have this issue?

You got my hopes up but not I discover this app is written only for the Droid and not my Epic!!! Bummer!

Will this and the hardware be available for the Samsung Epic and other Android phones?

I can't even find Car Home in the Market. Where is it. Beside this, the bar code doesn't even provide a legitimate link.

Thanks to specops2k3 for the link to the download. I downloaded and when I next launched car dock - I got a choice of the stock dINC car dock or the new one. - THANKS-

Anybody know if this app will ever be compatible with the HTC Desire? I know that the car dock feature is only supposed to work when the phone recognizes the fact that it's connected to a dock, via charger posts or some form of magnets, but I have a windshield mount in my car and if I'm in the car, the phone is in the mount, it would be nice if I could have a car dock app running so I wouldn't have to read an incoming caller's name off the home screen that doesn't rotate in Sense UI.

Someone above wrote that Sense is supposed to have their own version of a car dock app, but I don't see it on my phone... Any ideas?

My HTC Desire does not have a car dock but I think the US HTC Droid Incredible and EVO have a car dock. I use Launcher Pro, so am able to get this working by creating a short cut to an action as outlined above in the comments. Long Press on home screen then 'Shortcuts, Activities, Car Home, Car Home'.

I can't think of a way to get this working with stock Sense on the Desire though. In an ideal world HTC would see fit to release their new version of Sense to the Desire when it ships, which comes with a car dock (although I am not counting on it).

finally got it on my D2, and i'm not impressed. there is no direct dial mode (at least for me, not sure about anybody else), so I cannot add a specific contact. I do like the choice for the music app (hate the droid music app, love doubletwist). I found another dock app in the market earlier today called Car Home. It's a very beta app, but it is freakin' sweet. try it out. Speed, weather (press for it to speak it), direction, all in sight on the left, with all your customizable buttons on the right.

(and no, i am not the app creator. I just love it.)

Hmm, what's the point of this app? Just providing big easy-to-tap shortcut icons (and rotaion) to certain car features? The screenshots don't show much... Previously I hadn't paid much attention to any car apps since I don't have any kind of dock to auto-launch them (and I'm certainly not gonna bother to launch it every time I get in the car), but since it can now be set to launch when I par to the car's BT...

The screenshots don't show much beyond the big shortcut buttons, that all there is to it? Generally I don't touch my phone much if I'm in the car anyway, unless I'm using navigation or in a huge traffic jam (I can control the music streaming over BT from the steering wheel).

Also, adding multiple shortcut screens to what should essentially be a safety-minded app seems counter intuitive... At that point, aren't you just better off w/your regular homescreens? :p Get a different launcher if yours is incapable of rotating!

Broke GPS (cannot get fix on satellites). Uninstalled update and GPS worked again. On stock Nexus One with 2.2.1

this update is so sweet, I think it fixed the problem I was having that the voice search didnt pick up my voice too well when it was in the car dock made for the nexus one. I also used to unplug the headset accessory cable that goes to my car radio to talk on the phone otherwise it would be tough for others to hear me...wonder if i'll have to do that anymore :D

you can also access the android settings now from the settings menu. you used to have to close out of the car home app to do this.

long press and hold on a button to move it

4 total screens for shortcuts

you can also exit car mode and there will be an entry in the notifications to go back into car mode if youre docked, this is sweet

good stuff!

How to put it on Sense/Froyo such as HTC Evo:

- Download the APK file from the web. The Market will only list it for Driod and Nexus One. Here's a site with links to the file:
- Copy APK file to SD card and install the app (I used Astro to locate & run the file)
- There is no icon added to your apps to launch this. Do *not* create an activity shortcut using Launcher Pro as suggested elsewhere.
- Use the HTC "Car Panel" shortcut to launch. It will give you a choice, select "Make default" and choose Car Home. If you do this, you will truly get a car mode like the Droid or Nexus One. If you don't do it this way, you will be able to lauch the Car Home apps, but it won't be in car mode where the Car Home becomes your default home screen until deactivated.

This application was automatically installed on my phone as part of a routine application update. This application is intrusive, cuts productively because it is always turning on, and is a public safety hazard. Worst of all, the application cannot be uninstalled! This application actually encourages folks to drive while manipulating their phones. Worse yet, we are being mandated to have it. I want it off my phone. What on earth were the developers thinking?

An 11 year old boy was riding his bike home from school. He was struck by a teen driver in front of the school. The boy nearly lost his life. His leg was amputated, his lung collapsed. The driver was using Car Home while driving! Shame on you for developing!

This app installed automatically. Turns on the phone every few seconds automatically. I cannot uninstall it. I cannot shut it off. I cannot disable it. I would never use it anyways. Unbelievable! Are you really this irresponsible? Please post how to uninstall this app so I don't have to buy a non-Andriod phone to get rid of it.

I can't find Google Car Home in the Market. I have a MotoDroid 3. Also the above QR code renders almost the same thing that TECHNOMOM (above) gets: "No results found."