Google's  billion play for Twitch reportedly confirmed

Google's YouTube was rumored to be in the process of buying video game streamer Twitch for over $1 billion a few months ago. That deal has allegedly closed and Google will be buying Twitch for $1 billion.

Sources close to Venture Beat are saying that Google and Twitch have reached a deal. The $1 billion move would see Twitch, the largest and most popular video game streaming platform, join YouTube.

Twitch enables video gamers to broadcast their PC, Xbox or PlayStation gameplay live to millions of viewers. Twitch currently has over 50 million monthly active users and more than 1.1 million users who stream gameplay. More than 13 billion minutes of content is watch monthly on Twitch.

Are Twitch and YouTube/Google a good match? Sound off below.

Source: Venture Beat


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Google's $1 billion play for Twitch reportedly finalized


at this point, cant you stream anything over it? there's the cast my screen option on any android, and then casting through chrome as well...?

yeah, AllCast is seriously GREAT! same with Cast To TV... better than screen mirroring, bc you can continue to use your device for other things while casting :)

i dont seem to have lag issues at all really with anything i cast, to be honest.

I'm personally a big fan here. Twitch has so many server issues, even without high volume traffic. Having Google's servers to boost performance can only be a good thing, especially for smaller streamers. And don't worry, they won't force you into Google+ integration.

twitch has been doing great on its own and I love Google and their insight on things. I hope that streamers still get a good chunk of their sub money and what not though. but let's see what happens! been using twitch since it first left Justin TV and it's only gotten better.

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After the mess that was the Google+/Youtube merge, I wouldn't expect Google to be forcing G+ onto Twitch users any time soon.

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But they really should. The only reason people didn't like the Google+/YouTube merge is because they thought "OMG IT'S CHANGED, I DON'T LIKE CHANGE", and people seem to have gotten used to it now.

There was nothing wrong with it -- I much preferred it to the old system -- and I really hope it doesn't put them off from integrating Google services with Twitch.

Agreed. People hate change. Especially if change results in any sort of accountability.

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Youtube is still fantastic. This means that Twitch has even more potential and connections to grow.

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