The lucky 600 or so attendees of this year's Google Zeitgeist apparently received a surprise none of them were expecting. We have in the past seen Google give out various items at their events, but this one was rather unexpected, a Google TV unit. Not only did they receive the Google TV but it appeared to be part of a package with a Sony Bravia as well as Dish TV and included a complimentary Best Buy installation of it all. Quite a package to receive as a gift for attending the conference, Google seems to up the bar each time! [via All Things Digital]

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Smokexz says:


steve19137 says:

let the rooting begin!

Lmao wtfff?.... I need to go to one of these google conferences!

DirkBelig says:

Take that Oprah!

bleedblue says:

hah that is f*cking awesome!

It's only a matter of time before they're on Ebay, just like the Evo 4G at the Google I/O Conference in 'Frisco.