Nexus 7

From (where else), DigiTimes:

One supply chain source says it'll be released later in the fourth quarter (which we're now in, by the way). Meanwhile, ASUS, DT reports, says it "has no plans to launch a $99 Nexus." Which is nice, but it's Google that sells this thing, not ASUS.


Chances are if we do see a $99 Nexus 7, it'll be carrier subsidized. Which would be ridiculous given the outright price is only twice that.


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Google will/won't bring out $99 Nexus tablet this quarter


A $99 7" tablet (worth it's salt) isn't likely right now, but I would like to see Google work out a Nexus 5, making it a wifi PMP. This would also mean that there would be no Nexus 4 (by name) but I think it allows Android to fill a space that is clearly successful (ipod touch) and awfully bare. A lot of people I know would like to have an Android phone but don't want to part with their leg in addition to the arm they're already paying to settle the bill. Also, it would be a low(er) cost option for parents to get for their kids. My 2 year old loves playing Android games, but using our 10" tablet isn't too convenient and I refuse to hand over my phone. I'd bet a dual core chip with 1gb ram and 16gb internal (in addition to other standards) could easily sell for $100~ as opposed to the $200+ Samsung was asking. That's really the only way I see a $100 Nexus any time soon. It's not even remotely likely, but one can dream...

I wouldn't buy a tablet that forced a carrier for internet service. I can not possibly imagine forking over any more cash to a carrier, considering how much I already over pay for Data service for three phones. -- It's like an added car payment as it is..

That said, I wouldn't buy a tablet for traveling purposes anyway. If I buy a tablet, it would sit on my coffee table or night stand, so it would only need access to my WiFi.

Tablets are cool and all, but it's a device no one technically needs. I mean, computers? (yes, most people need one)... Smart phones? (yes, most people need one)... but a tablet? (considering most people have a computer & smart phone) no, not really a necessity. Having a larger screen (in hand) for video's/reading, is basically the only appeal for me. If you want my business, you'll need to make a decent 10" tablet at an affordable price.

if they bring the 99 version it wont be as good as the current nexus 7. it will be a dual core with some dumbed down hardware spec. a subsidized $99 would make sense with $80 a year for 200mb data per month just like amazon did.

If they did add 3g/4g to it, the price would go up and the subsidised price would be practical around $99 (depending on how much the extra "line" is with your carrier). These "share" plans lower the burden on tablets (like Verizon's $10/mo to add one to your existing bucket of data) so $240 for the 2 year contract to subsidize a $99 sticker price for a device that would normally sell for $340 (with a decent LTE radio and requisite battery size increase) is not unthinkable at all. The big question is, when will the Nexus 7 go 3g/4g?

While we are on this subject (And the holidays are right around the corner) is AndroidCentral planning on discussing any of the "White box" android products that are flooding the discount stores this year? I know they are vastly inferior to the awesomeness that is a Nexus device, but those with smaller budgets or in search of something a little more "Disposable" (for the under-six crowd of users) might find it interesting. Or, maybe just a look at why a sub-$100 isn't "worth" it compared to a $199 Nexus 7? Inquiring minds want to know.

I like to pretend they don't. I hope those things die a silent, painful death. :-)
I'm glad the source is there for them to do it, I'm just sick of the opportunistic manufacturing practices, trying to ride the coattails of Android's growing popularity. 

I'd love to see the 8GB version dropped to $99 and the 16GB version at $199. If that happened I'd buy one for each of my kids.

99.99 dollar Nexus7 is nice. What i really want though is a 32GB Nexus7 for 249.99 Do that and i'm all over it like white on rice.:)

I could easily see a carrier like AT&T subsidising a 4G Nexus at $99. They could use it to push their Mobile Share plans. Remember, adding a tablet is only $10 a month on those. They would still make money on a 2-year commitment though.