EVO 4G LTE update

Who's in the mood to squash a few bugs? The Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE has gotten a bit of an update this morning. The big feature is that Google Wallet working again. Also of note is that local search is still working -- you'll recall that Sprint and Samsung just stripped it out of the Galaxy S III -- so there's that.

Other changes of note, per Sprint itself, include:

  • Google security updates
  • Wifi disconnect issue
  • Time zone issue
  • Side loaded video pause issue
  • Random power cycling issue
  • Pioneer Bluetooth Car Kit connection issue
  • Gallery app crash
  • Calendar reminder (all day even time) issue

Looks like a healthy changelog. Make sure you're charged above 35 percent, then hit settings>system updates>HTC software update to get the ball rolling if you haven't already gotten the notification.

Source: Sprint; more: EVO 4G LTE forums


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Google Wallet working again after EVO 4G LTE update


Can we get an apology from everyone who insisted the Wallet issues were some grand Sprint conspiracy?

I wonder if this will fix the issue with my car bluetooth not being able to access the phonebook. (Well it can access it but that causes bluetooth to disconnect)

Oh I am so happy that the time zone issue is being fixed! Also I hope this wifi problem will help me connect to my media thing better. Oh yea and Google wallet.

I'm pretty stoked. The time zone issue is probably what I'm most excited about, though. Thanks for the head's up!

Sweet. Very happy about Wallet and the annoying Time Zone issue. I also have a problem with controlling Pandora from my compatible Alpine receiver. Crossing my fingers that the "Pioneer Bluetooth Car Kit connection issue" might fix it.

Could be placebo effect but the petunias feel smoother.

Petunias of course being a Swype typo for keyboard. Keyboard also has a new blue and gray color scheme.

Edit: Apparently that color scheme is the default for Swype.

Yes. I tried installing the update, and it just sat there trying to verify the files. Then it occured to me that I was rooted, as I was only using the stock ROM as well. So unrooted and am redownlading the udate now.

Has anyone been able to get Wallet to work on EVO LTE? I'm in an endless loop of signing up with account info, then agreeing to terms of service, then back to the login screen. Each time I get an email welcoming me to Google Wallet but I can't get past the login or TOS screens in the app.

On the downside, the update restores the default Swype skin rather then continue to use the HTC or Sprint white skin. So now it looks 3rd party instead of integrated.

I bet it is a newer version that works better though. I suppose it is good and bad depending how you look at it. If you're rooted you can put the old one back on very easy. I doubt you are though if you took the update.

Yeah, I'm sure the Skin was probably 50/50 in regards to those that liked it and those that didn't. I was one that liked the White/Grey look to the skin, to me, it felt more inline with the rest of the screen which was white when you entered text.

Nope, not rooted. Used to root all my phones, but just got tired of it.

If you are considering rooting don't accept it. Root your phone and then flash this current rom using one a developer has put up. If you already rooted you should never accept an OTA as it will most likely break root and also has a high chance of disabling the current root methods from working again.

DO NOT DO THIS UNLESS YOU CAN CLEAR YOUR GOOGLE WALLET SETTINGS. Flashing a custom ROM will brick your NFC's secure element and will likely never work again. If you have not set up Google Wallet or ever even opened the app you should be fine to flash away.

Yes you can re root afterwards. tho it will be different. here are my steps
1. Relock boot loader
2. apply RUU or update
3. rerun RegawMOD EVO 4G LTE Rooter
3a. It will sucessfully unlock and flash the recovery on your phone, but it will fail to root it.
3b. Download the rooting files http://downloadandroidrom.com/file/HTCEvo4GLTE/rooting/Evo4GLTERoot2.zip
4. Extract the contents of the zip file
5. Copy the file CWM-SuperSU-v0.87.zip to your SD card
6. Reboot to recovery
7. Flash CWM-SuperSU-v0.87.zip
8. Reboot to system and Viola you have have a rooted install

I have an unsupported device icon on the top of the screen. Does anyone else have this. When I click on learn more it takes me to a google support site that states their unsupported device policy and says it can not support devices with unauthorized OS. I came from root, however I was still on stock, all I did was put the stock recovery back on which allowed me to apply the update like normal. This has me back to stock un-rooted version of the latest firmware. So I do not understand why I would get that message. Do I have to fully un-root to where the phone does not say tampered anymore?

Interesting. It is amazing how LITTLE is listed in the official changelog that Sprint posts. Already we discover the radio changes and the Swype changes. Wonder what else?

What everyone REALLY wants to know is if it did anything for the memory management/multitasking problems.

and i also noticed the proximity sensor is on point. i thought it was my screen protector blocking it cuz i would always see it on, that tiny little red light. perhaps ill save more batts now :P

oh and yeah the whole thunderstorms thing is very annoying. the weather widget needs some polish.