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Google Wallet got itself a nice little update today that allows you to scan your credit card to enter some of its information, instead of worrying about hitting all those numbers yourself. You'll still have to add your name and CVV on your own.

Google also mentions the new Google Wallet Card in the changelog, as well as bugfixes and performance improvements.


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Google Wallet update lets you scan cards to enter them


Sounds kind of minor since you only input the numbers the one time I would think, but a nice little annoyance taken out. Sounds like some considerable coding for a small feature unless they of course already had something developed to pull out numeric data in photographs...oh that's right they do.

That would be why it works then. Wonder how Verizon will neuter the eventual 4.4 update for the DNA so they can force people on to ISIS?

Since I think I don't get approx $175 rewards credits annually for use of Rewards Credit Cards, I use only on limited basis, unfortunately.

I'm also unclear as to what are loyalty cards. Gift cards?

I have a loyalty card with my local grocery store, every time I buy food I get gas points which accumulate to give me a discount on gas. I assume that's the kind of stuff they're talking about.

Assuming can be detrimental and costly.

Is your described loyalty card also a credit card? If so, do you receive the credits and discounts at check out? I doubt, since loyalty discounts are determined and displayed prior to transaction of choice.

I wish Google would clarify.

Loyalty cards are tied to a specific retailer and have no other value in that you can either earn points toward free merchandise or qualify for instant discounts. Some retailers (such as Walgreens) now require a "loyalty card" to participate in any sales they may have going on at the time

In exchange the retailer can cater adds directly to you via email or mailers. Also more importantly they can sell your shopping habits to other merchants who can also use direct marketing to you.

They're really just another form of data mining but do offer some perks do the consumer.

Don't be a condescending jerk, especially when a simple Google search would have answered your question.

Depends on the Credit Card and the tie up. I have Discover card and I get all the cashback etc when I use it with google wallet tap to pay. Then again I don't think it works with Amex rewards or cashback. Not sure about visa.

Hate to be that person, but how safe is this? Genuine question. I don't know much about Wallet's security. This looks awesome though.

Google won't want failure due to security and has many safeguards described as features as well as user agreement.

Definitely safer than handing your credit card to a waiter or verbally over the phone to pay a bill or verbally place an order. Also more secure than second party purchases through Amazon or eBay vendors, for example.

As has been customary for decades, credit card users/customers have recourse for unauthorized and disputed transactions.

Does the card scan only work on certain phones and/or KitKat 4.4? I just downloaded the latest version onto my ATT Galaxy S3 with Jelly Bean 4.3 and it will only let me manually type in card info.

I don't know if it doesn't work on some phones, but it's not 4.4 specific. Actually, it's not a new feature. This feature has been there for months, they just didn't remove it from the "What's new" section when they released a small update yesterday.

Yeah, an old "what's new" list does not require an article.
Wallet has been able to use the camera to get your card number for a while now.

This newest version breaks tap and pay on older devices, i had been using tap and pay almost every day for 1.5 years, and this recent update seems to remove the functionality from the app. If you are on an older phone ( mine is an HTC EVO 4G LTE) dont install this update!