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2012 is a big year for the United Kingdom, with London playing host to the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. According to a French newspaper, Google might also be along for the ride launching Google Wallet in the UK in time for the games. 

A report in Les Echos suggests that Google is in talks with banks and retailers on our side of the pond to get the service up and running by March next year. Otherwise the article is pretty vague, and we've yet to hear anything from Google on the matter.

Source: Les Echos via Techradar UK


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Google Wallet rumoured to land in the UK before 2012 Olympics


it's google in general not just google wallet,carrier iq is nothing compaired to the amount of tracking and spying google does, just saying all these "helpful" tools can't be that great in the long run.

I have no problems with it. I like having it as an option. Doesn't mean I'll actually use it.

If people are paranoid about it they should be equally paranoid about using any kind of card instead of cash. Everything you do on your credit card is being stored, analyzed and sent to 3rd parties. If you use a club card at your grocery store for those discounted items, its getting stored. Thats how come my supermarket sends me coupons on my alleged birthday that I gave them.

How about support for other US cards before we go all international, Google? Wallet and Checkout are now combined. It seems a simple step forward to allow the Google Wallet app to use any card you have registered with your Google Wallet account. Citi has had enough exclusivity at this point, don't you think?