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Keep track of every order and receive push notifications for status updates

Google Wallet, while most associated with NFC payments, is actually most-used as an online payment option competing with the likes of Amazon and PayPal. With today's update to the Google Wallet app, purchases made with the service can now be tracked and managed right from the app. This was always possible (albeit in a basic way) from the Google Wallet website, but having it moved over to mobile has advantages.

After the udpate, you'll receive notifications about the status of your orders, you can track open and previous orders and see everything all in one place. It may not be enough to completely dethrone the other leading payment options, but with each update Google Wallet is becoming more compelling as a payment choice. The update isn't live just yet, but you'll find it from the Play Store link above as soon as it is.

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s2weden2000 says:

add bitcoin support...

... ( 0ppo F5) ...

RustyU says:

Hahahahahaha good one.

Real money only.

brendilon says:

Seriously. Didn't some company just 'lose' a huge pile of these supposedly incredibly secure bitcoins? How does that even happen?
Bitcoins are the biggest load of BS I've ever seen.

saltyzip says:

UK support please

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ACADM says:

+1, I've got the PayPal app so I'd like to think Google can work it out with the regulators and get it launched here.

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brendilon says:

Paypal is part of a pretty narrow company with a specific set of services. Google is under the watchful eye of anti-trust regulators who are already kicking them for the services they currently offer, adding services will only make that worse.

lang007 says:


Camerooni says:

You know what would make the Google Wallet app more compelling?

People outside of the States being able to use it.. Who cares about NFC payments.. Just being able to access your account details like logging in the web would be 'something'.

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brendilon says:

Where are you from Camerooni? You do know that the EU and many countries are already kicking Google around with antitrust issues, expanding their product and service offerings in those areas is difficult when they're getting hammered for the services they already offer.

zivan56 says:

Great, will come in handy when I order a new Nexus device and end up waiting a month plus 1.5 weeks of shipping time like I did for my Nexus 7 in 2012

miknxn says: